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Found 82 results

  1. ⛔ CLICK THIS LINK TO JOIN MY DISCORD and open a ticket please join my discord server: https://discord.gg/tTZszeC My name is Case sensitive on discord Becareful of imposters - I NEVER TRADE VIA PMS EVER. Unique ID: 460089618331860993 or click here to join my discord and open a ticket: https://discord.gg/tTZszeC Sythe: VirtGold ($666) donator join my discord server to open a ticket and buy Vouchers!: https://discord.gg/tTZszeC
  2. ⚔Rune$cape Gold Sales⚔ Current Gold rates: .::Old School RuneScape::. ▶️ ▶️ ▶️ Selling at --> 0.45 - 0.47 USD/m [Min 5m] ◀️ ◀️ ◀️ ☄️DISCOUNTS FOR BIGGER ORDERS !☄️ *Accepted payments* ⚜️ Swedbank ⚜️ SEB ⚜️ PaySera ⚜️ PayPal ⚜️ Transferwise ⚜️ Bitcoin ⚜️ Ethereum ⚜️ UKBT ⚜️ SEPA ⚜️ ✒️Contacts:✒️ ✨Skype [press on image]: ✨Discord: ▶️▶️ RuneScapeGoldSales#9928 ◀️◀️ ID:557289497168183307 ✨Facebook [press on image]: ✨You can also PM us ✉ Additional information: To avoid getting scammed ALWAYS ask for PM before any transactions ❗ Negotiation is ALWAYS possible for bigger orders ❗ Regular sellers / buyers are valued ❗ I do not provide middleman services.
  3. Payment methods: Paypal, Revolut, Skrill, Paysera, BTC Discord: Dollar99#1429 Skype: Deizyra Facebook: DKGolden #1429
  4. BTC, ETH, Zelle, Revolut, Cash App, Venmo, Rate is determined by payment method, and desired amount. My only discord is Almonds#4170 Interested in selling your gold? Contact me on discord for the best rates! **ALWAYS ASK FOR A PM ON THE FORUMS, I WILL NEVER HESITATE TO PM YOU**
  5. Hey whatsup guys! I have been gold farming for about a year now. When I look back at when I just started I can tell you that it was one hell of a journey! From feeling like a boss using my first crappy f2p script to making hundreds of dollars a month. Getting my whole farm banned to running the farm without bans for over a month (dat feeling when u have to buy new bonds because Jagex didnt catch u). When I started botting there werent really any people around showing me the tricks of the business. Ofcourse I understand that nobody is going to share any good methods, but I mean just the basics, something you can hold on to. Thats why i decided to make a guide on gold farming. I hope I can help some of you and motivate people to start a farm as well. Most people think that gold farming is just setting up some accounts, start some scripts and the money comes running in. Well I wish it was that way, it's a never ending process of trial and error, persistance and being innovative. Check out my guide at [link removed], hope I helped some of you guys out! Its currently ranked #1 on google (keyword: runescape gold farming). I have been hearing great stories about dreambot lately so ill make sure to check this client out again! If this post isnt in the right place, please remind me and I will change it ASAP. Peace ps: Any good private scripters out here that you guys can recommend?
  6. OSRS and BTC only! - Trusted members may ask for paypal 07 $1 = 2.2m Btc = $1 = $1.3 btc Discord @ Ben#0258 Or join the discord https://discord.gg/zJjNSd6 OPEN Prices may change due to Market price of gold
  7. Looking for an script to run ads in-game. $$$ thank you.
  8. I have woodcutting bots running on the same pc i want to play on my actual account on. my question is, will Jagex detect that they're all from the same IP address and ban them all? I obviously don't want my main getting banned. I'm not using proxies right now btw. i apologize if this is a dumb question haha
  9. Here you can find all the items in the game and their respective Ids I made them available in 3 formats so you can choose whatever you need the most Simple just has id & name but it has smaller file size The other two (JSON & XML formats) have ID's, name and if it is tradable or not Updated as of: 6 June 2020 Simple.zip JSON.zip XML.zip
  10. hello everyone new to dreambot, i am selling tutorial island completed botting ready accounts and to build up some rep im offering 5 accounts to all new customers for free no strings attatched prices goes as follows 10+250k/ea 100+175k/ea 500+150k/ea 1000+ 135k/ea any accounts bought purchased thru my services if locked and or banned within the first 24 hours i will replace those accounts free of charge. if you would like to get more information on this please feel free to add my discord [ ice king43#1111 ] thanks and have a blessed day
  11. Hey all im back again. Selling Twitch Prime Loot for OSRS 14 days membership. $0.50/ acc Caillougan#8153 BTC ETH OR LTC
  12. Hello to those viewing my thread. i am looking to potentially buy a 1-4 letter rare name and look to part with one of my rare names M**** the name i intend to sell is an ACTUAL word in the english dictionary. it is also an ingame item in osrs. and as a clue, it is a catholic headpeice. the name is great for those looking to make a pure of some kind and definitely stands out in the pure community. understandably, i have just created my account on dreambot and lack vouches, i have vouches on my PlayerAuction thread. serious offers only. Kind regards
  13. PokerScape is a private poker club created to allow players to play poker with Runescape coins. In addition to that we hope to create a community both interested in poker and Runescape. THE FIRST 10 PEOPLE TO SIGN UP GET 500K IN THEIR BALANCE FOR FREE. What do we offer? PokerScape offers an environment where players can play with their runescape gold at cash tables, or participate in regular events with guaranteed prices. The games are played on the PPPoker app. PPPoker is a mobile poker app that is used in order to play in private online clubs. PPPoker software allows players to play from iOS, Android and PC. PPPoker is officially a "playmoney" app, however in this case each point is worth 100k. How to join 1. Download the PPPoker app 2. Create an account and join the PokerScape club with code ID 1522569 3. Join the discord https://discord.gg/WYTs7Ay 4. PM "Ysbra" with your RSN and PPPoker username How to upgrade your balance 1. Contact an agent through discord and request a deposit. 2. You will agree on a time and location to trade. 3. Confirm with your agent on discord during the second tradescreen and make the trade. Make sure to record the trades at all times. How to cash out 1. Contact an agent through discord and request a deposit. 2. You will agree on a time and location to trade. 3. Confirm with your agent on discord during the second tradescreen and make the trade. Make sure to record the trades at all times. Please note - We are still in a testing phase, therefore we recommend you to not upgrade your balance with money you are not willing to lose. Nevertheless, there is enough backup gp to make sure anyone can cash out at any given time. - If you have any questions or doubts, please feel free to ask! We understand that users might question the legitimacy of PokerScape as of right now.
  14. Stats of the account (down below) Account status (One 2-day Bot Ban Offense) Login screen (down below) Quests (DS2, RFD, MM1, Desert Treasure, many more! - 241 QP!) Account wealth (5m) Minimum bid ($65) Autowin ($100) Payment method (Paypal, Skril, OSRS 07 Gold) Trading conditions (middleman) Previous owners (none)
  15. zScorpio OSBonds Shop  Payment Methods Cryptocurrencies (Contact via discord for more options, NO PAYPAL) Contact @zScorpio ( Discord: zScorpio#0016 ) Bond Price $3 Terms of Service You may only buy a maximum of one bond within 24 hours, prices for higher amounts vary I reserve the right to decline any order at any given time before payment Price may rise to $3.5 ~ $4 .5 per bond at times of high demand Contact @zScorpio - ( Discord: zScorpio#0016 )
  16. Buying tutorial island accounts!! Only trusted users pm me skype or discord: Skype: deizyra Discord: Dollar#1429
  17. Hey Guys, Hope all is well. This community feels welcoming so I figured to make a thread to introduce myself and address some issues that I have. I go by "saFe" and I'm fairly new to botting. I did some botting when I was a kid, 10+ years ago and never had an issue. The last 3 days, I have gone through 9 different accounts lol. Some accounts I would bot on for literally 10 mins and log off. Just to test it. And yet, for some reason, a few hours later the account is banned. Not sure what I am doing wrong or what I need to do. It seems like no matter how long I bot for I will always be "caught" lol. Any advice? Would proxies help? I have never tapped into those.. -- Just a bot looking for some bot help Greatly Appreciate it. saFe
  18. Stats of the account didnt want to waste the last days not playing it, so I levled farming up to 79/80... The account is no longer member Account status (bans, mutes) Login screen Quests (completed) The site wont let me place achievement diaries screen... basicallt all hards completed but karamja desert and wildy. Account wealth (non-tradeable or tradeable) has 3 pets roaming around the house: zulrah, mole and willy hellcat,and pet rock :V The site wont let me post the house picture as it is too big... so, for more information about it you can pm me. The total cost used on the house is approx 150-175M itself. It has nexus portal levl 2, only thing missing is to upgrade it to 3 and the spirit tree which can be obtained after 83 farming which i dont have. IT ALSO HAS AUGURY AND RIGOR 3M nmz points to inbue. Minimum bid (price to start bids) 150-200M osrs gp But Make an offer... I am open to hearing them out. Autowin 400M rsgp $500 via paypal Payment method PAYPAL or RSGP only Trading conditions (middleman) I am ok with a middleman helping if needed but I am not aware if they fee you for it. In this case, the fee would be paid by you. Just guide me throught the steps as this is my first time selling an account,but I will be more than glad to go through this procedure. Previous owners (if any) I am the only owner of the account, and the account has been 100% hand trained. NOTE: After the payment has been made either personal or with middleman. The information will be given immediatly with anything related to the account.. old passwords, IPs with proof if i can find any... etc, etc.... and we will change the account email and stuff like that. Just tell me what you need I can give it probably. If im not online you can contact me to my DISCORD Carrikol#8987 for more information or my whatsapp +504 9821-3017 The reason im selling it? i got another 2 accounts and dont even play on this one anymore. Thanks for reading the post have a nice day
  19. will go first if you are reputable.
  20. I have some OSRS pins for sale. Open for RSGP or PP Payments. I won’t ever ask for a password, won’t ever ask for ANY account info. Drop a a reply on this thread and I will message you. Have 5x 30 day Pins DATED : 18/11/2018 5 Left.
  21. Hey! i am looking for someone that sells me a 7$ vocuher. I can only pay with osrs currency. Thanks for your time. this is my discord : panguin #2536
  22. ASAP Selling my osrs gold 100m, only PAYPAL accepted - 0.75/m Please pm me if interested: Skype : dmaztfx Discord : smurfdoll#1964
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