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Found 37 results

  1. Welcome, this is my first script. Now available on the SDN. Version 1.1 is live. Rubick's Chickenz Features: GUI with options to:Kills chickenz. Loots feathers. Buries bones. [Anti-Death] Farmer combat protection: If combat with the farmer has started somehow (and the option is turned on) the script will run away, logout & log in after 15-20 seconds. This resets the Farmer's aggression to the player. Paint showing:Time ran Feathers looted Total profit Profit p/h Chickens killed Will run to a safe zone to regenerate health if below 50%, regenerates to 90% health before returning. Smart walk - Will run to the chicken spot at the start of the script (within reason). Death walk - Will return to chicken den IF you die. This should not happen with anti-death, but better safe than sorry. Drops raw chicken and eggs from inventory for maximum bone burying potential! Anti-Ban: Checks random combat stats. Randomness in choosing to loot feathers, kill a chicken, or pickup and bury bones.1% chance to bury bones. 60% chance to kill a chicken. 39% chance to loot a feather. When 1 of these 3 is disabled, percentages change. 5% chance to idle for 30-120 seconds. Proggies: Let me know if you find any bugs, have any feature requests, or need any help.
  2. Selling Oldschool RuneScape Gold! 200+ vouches/feedback onsite/offsite! Rates: CONTACT ME Contact: Discord: Banker#6451 Skype: live:bankergoldsite Always Request A PM! - Banker
  3. Buying Oldschool RuneScape Gold! 200+ vouches/feedback onsite/offsite! Rates: Contact Me Below! Contact: Discord: Banker#6451 Skype: live:bankergoldsite Always Request a PM! - Banker
  4. Selling 07 GOLD 0,80$/M Payment methods: Paypal, Revolut, BTC, ETH Discord: Dollar99#1429 #1429
  5. will go first if you are reputable.
  6. will go first if you are reputable.
  7. Chat with a live agent! crazy.gold Todays Buying price: 0.84-0.92+$/M (100m min) http://www.crazy.gold Beware of imposters! Our only skype is via the hyperlink(button below) - crazypipe_me ( not live: crazypipe_me) Why chose us? -Registered on sythe since 2007 -Paypal revenue for 2018 alone(to june): -Millions of usd handled. -6500+feedback on playerauctions -over 2000 sythe vouches Only add me through the link. Beware of imposters! ask for a pm! Skype (Click to add): PAYING FROM A VERIFIED PAYPAL BUSINESS ACOUNT
  8. ASAP Selling my osrs gold 100m, only PAYPAL accepted - 0.75/m Please pm me if interested: Skype : dmaztfx Discord : smurfdoll#1964
  9. Looking to buy 20m gold for $21 via paypal. You can either reach me through a comment or message on db or add my discord: Grimbles Thank you
  10. I'm interested on selling OSRS gold, contact me if you're available. Could use a mediator/moderator to secure the process if necessary.
  11. hey paypal ready, pm me if interested in selling.
  12. Go and vote yes (on all of your accounts!) to Question #4 in the current in-game poll: These PvP armours would act as a gold sink to keep some gold out of the game and potentially keep the price of gold from decreasing too much. A 75% 'Yes' is required for it to be implemented. Question #7 is also a gold sink: The poll closes on Monday, November 20th GMT so get goin and maybe we can d0 it!
  13. Hello everyone! I have been in the freelance business scene for some time now. Some things I am Highly Experienced in - Graphic Design - Video Editing - Web Desing - Web Coding - Social Media promotions and Marketing And some more! These stand out the most to me... I would bring to the company a complete website to buy and sell gold. All of the graphics, logos anything we need Forum thread designs and more! I need someone or some people who are experienced in botting and looking to run there own gold selling website! If you are interested just let me know below! If this is not allowed here just tell me and I will remove. Thank you!
  14. Selling 100m 07 Gold. Will not sell a lower amount. Will be done in 2: 50m trades (high volume trade gets flagged as real world transactions) Join my Discord server then DM nomore925ever#7878 First come, first serve. Middle man will be used. EDIT: ALL SOLD
  15. someone hit me up quick
  16. Just got back to OSRS about a week ago after leaving when EoC came out. I want to get back my 2B bank & I want to see if I can do it by botting 50 accounts doing simple skilling task (woodcutting, cooking, fishing, etc.) in turn making gold out of it. My question is: How do I do this on 1 computer? I have DreamBot downloaded, and want to know how can I set it up so I can have 50 accounts running at the same time without getting banned. Of course I know about the tab feature, but I want to make sure I do everything right before fully putting everything in motion.
  17. Hello Guys I was looking for a VPS that can run like 50 Dreambot Clients was wondering if you guys know any link me please -Faker
  18. Selling OSRS Gold for BTC Price 1m = $0,93 BTC / $0,99 PayPal / $0,99 Skrill Stock: OUT Contact: PM Skype: mbmasters8 Discord: mbmaster#1997 Terms & Conditions: *Ordering below 5m paypal will include +$0.50 fee. * Buyer must always go first except trusted (100+ rep) * Middlemen on your cost
  20. Buying OSRS Gold w/PP Will buy any amount Rate can vary depending on amount ~$0.92-.87/m Contact me to discuss any further details or quotes Discord: Boxer#1213 Skype: live:kingbots27
  22. pm me for discord
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