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    1. Could have been from a different script. Jagex usually delays bans so people cant tell which script got them busted. If you got banned instantly then it was by the automatic detection system.
    2. I liked the old version before you had the big update . Mostly works fine for me, doesnt bank partially drunken prayer pots. Also whenever my absorbtion potions run out and my character dies the script eats the rock cake down to 1 HP outside of the dream near the rewards chest, extremely risky.
    3. Currently having an issue where it doesnt bank partially drunken potions. No errors in the debug that I can see. Ill let you know if I get more info.
    4. Is anyone else having issues with the script not equipping dhaxe after spec is gone? For me it gets stuck using g maul and not switching back to axe. All keybindings are set to default
    5. Went to bed and script was running fine. Woke up to find my character in the dream with my G maul equipped and my axe banked. SMH lol
    6. Is there a way to choose our own dream? The script changed the one I already had set up.
    7. Nevermind, restarting my client seemed to fix it. Just one question, is it really efficient to have the rock monsters in the dream? seems like they take very long to kill with dharoks.
    8. Having issues with not switching back to axe after using g maul. All keybindings set to default.
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