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    1. can i get a trial for nex prayer? how do i run the script once i have the trial? thx
    2. Lululululuuuv you soo muuuch thanks for this laugh. And ye, due rent
    3. I hope you are joking. It wouldnt be that simple if profanity was an issue, which is not. And my account is named after spongebob squarepants.
    4. Actually, i think it might be this same account and username was changed (updated) for some reason. The thing is, none of the scripts work anyway and client is buggy. We'll have to wait. Patience fellow botters.
    5. It takes a bit long to get to the log-in screen. After that it won't work at all. Hope this gets solved soon.
    6. All members involved: @spongebobomg Thread Link: Dont have one. But, there is 5+ comments on what used to be some of the paid scrips such as Pandemic's rooftops, #1Magic & more. Explanation: Well the thing is i have two accounts on this website. One being this one, the other goes by SPONGEBOBOMG. Problem is, since the website update i can't access the latter account which is the one with my VIP membership. How should i go about this? I tried to follow this template as a guideline but tbh i just want to be able to access my other account so i can start botting. I have the password for it which makes the hole thing even more weird. I botted on that account like 5 days ago. Any help would be great. Evidence: Bought many scripts, some being #1rockcrabs , Pandemic Rooftops, Fish lick Pro, #1magic . I even have the paypal account to with i bought VIP for a hole year, including this last month. Below is a photo of some payments on that account. If any MOD wants to confirm, i can show pic with username of paypal account. Thanks for getting this far & happy botting.
    7. Jekhal

      Refund Request

      1. Script purchased: #1 NMZ (i messed up, just wanted to buy #1 Pest Control (which i bought aswell). 2. Date of purchase: 25/08/2017 3. Detailed description of problem: I didnt want to buy THAT script, it was a mistake. 4. Proof of attempted scripter contact (screenshots only): 5. Proof of script issue(s) (screenshot/gif/video): - 6. Desired outcome: Problem(s) fixed / Refund / Script swap (from same scripter): simply to get a 9.99$ refund.
    8. all i know is i´ve tried every script from different sources, clients in every possible skill and stun/alch clicks on this script are red flags, within proper botting and random luck I cant speak from scripting knowledge because i dont code.
    9. Hello i want to pay someone 50$ for a good++ magic script (5 days). req: enfeeble/vulnerab/stun-alching Feel free to PM me or comment on this thread.
    10. got legend main acc banned using this script for 2 hours. well botted only 2hs by myself on a handtraind accout. Clicks are ridiculous i dont know why anyone would buy from you, especially since you dont even answer your own thread. You sir can go fuck yourself. This is farewell.
    11. I have a private vpn acc; can i use that (purvevpn) and how do i set-up? Thanks on advance
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