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    1. Link to account: @MenkRs Which violation you are reporting the user for: Plagiarism and unrightfully using my project files. I have not given Menk permission to use my files. He has made money using my assets. He has no commercial license. Additional information: Menk was banned from Sythe.org for this exact offense. Then he was banned permanently for ripping entire Sythe. One could think that he'd learn from his mistake, but instead he went on to do the exact same thing on a different forum. I also have an ongoing report against Menk on Sythe for plagiari
    2. This has happened to me aswell, although no bot-like behaviour has been used.
    3. I'd like to see a blast furnace script on this forum ^^
    4. I've put my main on sale, go check the section out!
    5. izad

      Main Account

      Selling my main account which has 12 days of membership left on it! (It's completed with pages) Starting bid: $20 Auto win: $60 Payment method: PayPal (the money should be sent as a gift ONLY!!!) Middleman will recieve login details and when the money appears on my PayPal account, you'll get the acc from the middleman. Previous owner: a fellow fried of mine
    6. Though, I have 67 smithing which is great for blast furnace. I also have 79 wc
    7. Hello my fellow botters! I'm wondering how much this main account is worth: It has about 94 quest points and a completed holy book! No bans or warnings
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