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    1. After todays update sometimes when i open the bot the whole thing goes messy! ONLY red in the console. if i restart a few times eventually it works fine but never happened before today. I also have to repeat the process for my whole farm and it gets kinda annoying. Its all love expect that tho
    2. Yo dude after todays update sometimes when i open the bot the whole thing goes messy! ONLY red in the console. if i restart a few times eventually it works fine but never happened before today. 

      1. Zawy


        Restart the DBLauncher and if that doesn't work PM me the log.

      2. iou220


        Dude i have been having problems with the bot all day.. it says script error and quits.. suddenly window disappears and random stuff like that.. im a scripter and this looks like no control lol.. i know its a good bot but kind of annoying this shit  starts happening after i start paying for it! I have used it for months prior and none of it was happening- 

        I can not say for sure that its a recent glitch somehow but i will make sure to copy the whole log and send u txt file next time it happens

      3. Zawy


        You'll have to send me the log and more information what's going wrong.

        I don't even know which script you are talking about.

    3. iou220

      [F2P] PF Dye Maker

      No problem atm i am running like 3 bots on this script almost 24 7 so if u need beta testers or something just tell me! I also know PHP and a little java so i get where u are coming from while talking code EDIT: ******* hell those red berries are worth so much. I can't stop, trying to Farm them. .. I've lost like 7 accounts trying now. Different kinds of brakes different kinds of time of day, different kinds of everything.. they still get kicked without that delay m8! they all get banned instantly. I had two bots provide like. 3 to 500 berries once bout the rest. But they also got banned after i got it transferred btw
    4. Yoo, its my 3rd day using this script and i just made a new botnet with 12 accounts and they all ran this simultaneously. 0 errors 0 deaths no bs! Every single one leveled 100 in 1 click! 1 click. Start tutorial island script 2 click. start this addon 3 click. start 10quest points addon You have a bot ready to go! Life's just great at the moment! Thanks ALOT for this! Usually i had to set each to mine then fish then cook etc.. this has made the process go like 80% faster.. I just made all those 12 accounts in like 3 hours! Ready to go except playtime! THANK YOU RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    5. im stupid i wish i could delete nice script m8
    6. I removed the "Stop if Raw Shrimp equals 0" and it solved itself. I am sorry about this shitpost! But the pathing on the one below would seriously make it 2x fast. But tbf i think the if raw shrimp equals 0 was already there when i installed it.
    7. iou220

      [F2P] PF Dye Maker

      I made a youtube clip with my problem. As you can see i have plenty of potions on my inventory but the damn use potion checkbox is still grey! Why? I have tried so many different things.. i really want it to use them i have like 500 and need to get them used :p EDIT: You need to make it so it you can put a delay on jumping servers because all bots i have made collect red berries are banned within 3 hours because they spend 10 second on each world then jumps to next. I had familiar problem with the script buying and selling needles and stuff but when you add (i used 80 seconds) delay between jumps the chance of being banned is lowered drastically. IF you make this change i think this is insane.. i have made around 500k gold and i ve been using it for 3 days.. only one account.. starting to move my other bots into this as well because it works so good! just dont farm the red berries with this bot because you will be banned long before reaching 500.. and a bot should be able to farm 500 red ones without oversight! And i have tried making it farm 15 minuttes and take 30 min break and also 2 hours break every 3 hours.. still gets banned cuz jumps worlds like its on speed
    8. Fucking love this script! Trying it for the first time and my worker is doing its thing but the mule is logged out and says "ORB Mule - 0 Connections" So why does it have 0 ? Is it because i started the mule after the worker or whats up? i cant stop the process of the worker rn lol so have to wait 120 min to watch if it trades or not EDIT; Also the setting button on the bar does not work ? I really want to make it work but i cant seem to get the two to connect.. also: 18:02:01: [ERROR] at tm.ch(Unknown Source) console was flooded with these
    9. Hello, i just want to say thanks alot for this! Have saved me many many hours! But after watching a few times i notice that in lumberidge when you are cooking and going between bank and the kitchen.. The bot takes the wrong stairs and have to walk like 20 times longer than if it took the other ones.. I mean i am f2p so agility sucks so when i have to walk from the wrong steps all the way around its like 40 seconds each trip! And when you have 500 shrimps to cook its getting annoying! Anyway its all love dude i love a bunch of your scripts and seriously want to donate with my moms credit card xD lol I dont know how hard that is so fix but should not be that many extra lines? i know php and some java so i can relate.. and i understand its annoying but its going to be better result!! so much faster! Keep up the good work mate
    10. I love this script dude! Way to go! But why no lumberidge ? It's so damn close between bank and the fire i mean.. i am a f2p player so its kinda where i live but anyway?
    11. Yo, something has happened to this script. I used it to cook whatever i had in my bank for weeks now but now that i want it to cook my 300 shrimps it just logs out and back in and then it logs out and back in.. it did not do this a week ago! Also i have tried reinstall, reboot everything! Please fix i cant live without it
    12. Yo what happened to play dough and what since i already have it installed  what is  the req inventory to make it work?? Do i need buckets and stuff or what ?

    13. iou220

      [FREE] BH Fishing

      Hello, thanks for this script! Thanks to you I have gained 70 levels of cooking and fishing and still made over a million gold from it! Anyway, there is one thing I want to know! Can you make the "Not drop list" have a checkbox that makes it remember the current list? Because when I have to restart for some minimalistic shit the list is gone. I am stealing Clue scrolls from other fighting bots near me cause they don't pick them! And I want them all they can be quite fun! Thanks in advance for the great script! I used it from 0-70 so far and I am going for max! No bans, no bullshit! And it is highly effective! So everyone looking for a Exceptfbot that can change locations often and stuff during fishing. This is one of the best fbots I've seen in this game. Like changing fishing poles and bait when reaching a certain level and going somewhere else and keep going! And you can set this to run forever if you put in breaks and have everything needed from 0-100... With the breaks you can put in the dreambot itself, it can really look like you just like to fcking fish BTW. I know I gave a lot of props here but I am dead serious about.. making it remember the no-throw list! Also, it would be nice... if I made 7 different tasks for it to finish! And they are all on the list. I wish I could save that list so I can load it up quickly later! Even better have a little list on the side with older saved profiles and this script is worth some $$$ but please don't make it like 40 USD like some of these ppl Except that, I fucking LOVE this
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