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    1. Priest in Peril isn't making use of stamina potions even with the option enabled; can drink it at bank before leaving on first trip, on second trip have enough space to carry it. It also doesn't drink stamina potions while traveling to the quests' starting points.
    2. If you start attacking a druid and it gets stuck behind an object(so you're safespotting it) and you gain a level and the congratulations message pops up, it doesn't dismiss the message, instead it just stands still and the script gets stuck. Could you also add smarter eating? Low hp level characters overeat by a fair amount, though obviously not a big deal after gaining a few levels. E. The bot also teleports twice if it has a Ring of Wealth(1-5) equipped and a falador tab in its inventory, first using the teleport tab and then the ring of wealth.
    3. Character got stuck at the pier trying to retrieve its items. There was less than 100k in the bank, so it just stood there for 2+ hours trying to retrieve its items. Please fix, surefire way of getting banned... Also please check if character has Cabin Fever done so it withdraws 1.6k instead of 3.2k every time when using the boat route.
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