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    1. Reviving this dead Forum Post to let new botters know where this guy went wrong if its not a shit post Cause the Tut Script Works FLAWLESSLY every time ive tried it . Knowing your tools and doing your research before spending will save you money and time unlike this guy (He Didn't do any research) [WeAintYourDaddy] NEVER BOT TUT ISLAND UNLESS ITS A SUICIDE ACCOUNT (and you expect it to be banned in under 48hrs).. or you wrote the script yourself and update it Regularly. Jagex Watches the Account Creation Protocol Very closely. this is easily known and found information if you put any time into learning to bot. Botting is not a plug and play thing , it requires research and time ..THEN money . if you're serious about getting into botting This is a great place to Learn and try and ASK . most of the people here wont tell you their personal strats but are more then generous with knowledge on what is what and how . Getting banned is a part of it 100% of the time but doing your research on tools / options available is of the utmost priority . Dont Be this idiot Talk with people , read around and learn how botting works and then maybe look into making your own code or using the Tools(Scripts) availble here but your best bet is learning to code your own as the Api of this client is 10x easier to learn/use then most, Botting here is not Plug and Play without barriers , if it was that easy everyone would do it . infact made like 4 bonds from The Debated script on suicides before i only ran P2p methods i coded myself so his product does as it says otherwise it would be removed . TLDR Botting is possible/Profitable BUT do not spend your money on tools without knowing their use,
    2. Changed the time as said and issue hasn't occurred again . Thank you . Would recommend this to anyone on the fence on pickng it up . Haven't had a single ban on accounts that only bot this script for hours on end and make lots of gold for my bonds with it
    3. Been working great making lots of gold with this :D. but I just started having a minor issue where the shopper logs out the account and unable to relogback in to continue buying or selling. Issue happens randomly . Can go 4hours without it sometimes and sometimes it can happen 5 times in 10 minutes.
    4. Been getting stuck quite a bit here on this spot and a few others around this hill over at draynor With the fighter script banking from goblin spawn. Small minor bug also east Varrock rune essence doesn't show mined ore . Other then that great package been running it nonstop on rotated accounts and not a single one has got the disabled yet.
    5. Not working on my end. Can't get it to buy anything . Just switchs worlds and sits there.
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