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    1. Awesome, thank you for the feedback. Please let me know if anything else it wonky.
    2. I use that same script to get my bots 10QP. I like how to "fixed" the place it always get stuck. Excellent
    3. gl0b0t

      Falador Filler

      Script has been updated. Please post any other issues here and I will get them fixed ASAP
    4. gl0b0t

      Falador Filler

      Where was your account standing when you started the script? It may have been outside of the "starting area" so I can adjust this if needed - I have also fixed the sell price bug and will push an update ASAP
    5. gl0b0t

      uwu Magic

      uwu Magic will mage splash seagulls to train your Magic lvl. This script is able to be started just about anywhere. Just load your inventory full of different types of runes and the bot will automatically pick the best spell you can cast and then splash seagulls until you run out of supplies. If you run out of runes to cast the first spell the bot has selected and have runes to select a different spell, then go back to splashing seagulls.
    6. gl0b0t

      uwu Range

      uwu Range will train your Ranging skill by killing Fortress Guards from the top of Ice Mountain. Start the script with a bow equipped and have arrows in your inventory (or already equipped). If you are not already at the Safe Spot, the script will walk there on its own. If you run out of arrows, the script will walk to the Grand Exchange and log out.
    7. gl0b0t

      Falador Filler

      Updated Progress:
    8. gl0b0t

      Falador Filler

      Your very own waifu who's only goal is to collect and fill buckets of water until death do you part. This script has absolutely ZERO requirements, but its filling buckets with water, so it doesn't make a whole lot of money either. You are able to easily configure this script to use Discord Webhooks and you can play a .WAV file from your computer to notify you when the bot has earned a set amount of coins. Start the script with a fresh lvl 3 that has just teleported in from Tutorial Island. The bot will drop the items that cannot be sold to the GE and start chopping trees in Lumbridge until its inventory is full, then will go sell the logs (and other items) to the Grand Exchange. The bot will then buy empty buckets, walk to Falador, fill them all up, then return to the GE to sell the buckets of water and repeat. If you are not starting with a fresh account, start the script at the GE with NOTED buckets in your inventory or start the script in Falador's West Bank and the bot should be able to figure out what to do.
    9. I started playing runescape about 20 years ago - the sythe was my first holiday drop, back when they would just start spawning on the ground for people to pick up before the annoying AF quest crap they force you to do now... Botted several characters to full stats using RSBuddy/ RSBOT / PowerBot and did pretty decent at selling the GPC I farmed. I've been poking at the ban detection stuff for a couple weeks now and have noticed some odd patterns of bans - just like the old days. For example, I have an account that is my 2nd bot created with dream bot - it has ALOT of hours played..well, botted.... and zero issues. Botted all day, every day for a full week. - OK, cool, let see what happens when I try to run a 2nd bot - both accounts banned like 6 hours after running them both at the same time (keep in mind I have someone in my house who plays RS all day, every day - but my other accounts do not get chain banned - only the two that were logged in at the same time. My next steps are to bot 2 accounts on 2 different PC's, then if my accounts stay alive, I will try to run a VM with multiple accounts on my workstation to see if they get killed off or manage to survive. I also have a hunch that there are weekly ban waves as well as the regular detection where you're auto logged out and banned - I seem to have a higher ban rate on my throwaway accounts every wednesday, where the rest of the week they are fine, running around doing bot stuff. I am looking forward to making some videos about RS botting (my YT channel has alittle over 20k subs) and I plan on featuring some of the popular paid scripts from this forum.
    10. I've actually been botting non-stop for a while now... several stats 50+. Have to be smart about your break handler and activities that you are doing. Also - I always do tutorial island manually, then start botting on a fresh account. I was suicide botting a f2p character just buying crap from stores and selling on the GE. They were all alive almost a week, until I ran 2 clients at once and all 3 characters that I was suicide botting on were banned after a few hours of having 2 bots running at once. I plan on getting VIP to see if that helps any. I'm not going to bother messing with proxies. My PKer bot is still alive and killing things and my non-botted account that I dump all the GP into is still fine (I kill my bots and grab their stuff).
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