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    1. ok so your bot keeps stopping, i started it with 2 magic pots to train mage and it just sipped on both full vials all in 1 go. your bot really needs to be watched and fixed bro, used to be flawless but now it has some major issues. i cant use it to its full potential. unless i baby it but thats same as playing legit afk
    2. Bot is not starting. I think update issues with rs. Doesn't select account on client there for won't allow bot to work
    3. Been running 1 day 8 hours currently and sofar so good
    4. I've used smart agro it was fine I used without smart agro it was fine till randomly this happend not sure why but I'll try get one when I get home from work tonight
    5. hey hashtag, the bot isint re aggroing. just stands there while crabs dont attack. just seen it now first time.
    6. Not bad. Big thumbs up for this script. Scared to try other scripts don't want to get banned. But no lifing this and still going strong.
    7. i actually had to write it down mithril darts in ammo area, because its handheld it thinks its a weapon so wont pick those up automatically
    8. hey all good it was my mistake, didnt have the food in on the script start up. but alt is that for ranged? as im using darts but not picking up
    9. hi so im using the trial currently, i put food amount 25 but it dosent bank for food but just fights the crabs. im keeping an eye just incase i die.
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