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  1. hey man it's still doing it I realize you have a life but I paid money for a script an no where does it say it doesn't work... I literally have to babysit the bot to make sure it doesn't just keep clicking on the furnace. can we get an update
  2. hey man. once it gets to the last bar in the inventory it just repeatedly clicks the furnace over and over.
  3. I have commented in thread stating the bot doesnt work, it often just sits there or does the same thing on repeat such as click a raw shark on the fire but not selecting to cook all. I paid 2.99 for this script and I'd like a refund as it is not maintained and the developer wont even get back to me
  4. okay SO i remembered all my old usernames from like 7th grade and since my accounts are all at least 8+ old i can bot 24/7??
  5. Okay for starters, I use hotmail for all my accounts, I use the Tutorial Island Bot, powerchop, and chicken destroyer. I always use seperate accounts for WC and str. I take a good hour to 2 break for every 2 to 3 hours i bot. , and when i try to log back in, my 2 recent accounts were banned. I dont use gibberish for my names. I made several strength pures and trained at cows and monks, never over 2 to 3 hours in one period without taking a 2 to 3 hour break. I baby sit them, and never leave them playing over night. Every time I get banned, the last time i play, I log off like normal, then a few hours later when i log in, it says i have been disabled. I dont know what im doing wrong but im getting wrecked The longest i kept an account was today i got to level 22 with 41 str training at monks and after 3 hours of training i logged out for 8 hours, i just logged back in and im banned
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