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    1. Big vouch, still can't believe it's a free script. It seems to have been massively improved, and the account I was babysitting is still going strong. Cheers man, thank you.
    2. First of all, vouch for this. Been baby-sitting it for about 2 hours now. Seems to work well, generally. Here's a list of issues I've had: Other bots (obvious bots, starter outfit and even balds lmao) run the same paths, may need some more randomization as it's click and miss for everyone now. The bots keeps getting stuck on "hovering over dead player", even when all the loots is collected. Or when for example another event happens such as being attacked. Even when attacked and running to the bank, it seems okay at first, but comes back and never crosses the wilderness and keeps clicking the walk-flag in the dessert endlessly. So currently I'm unable to run it with prioritize players killed. Seems to most of the time double click inventory to bank Doesn't always take the food from the bank Great work tho, definitely see the potential of this
    3. Just wanted to leave this here: Using clean proxy [same proxy register = same proxy played, 1 account/ proxy] Account 1: only completed tut island [slow diag.] Account 2: completed tut and quest [slow diag.] Account 3: completed tut and quest [slow diag.] Account 4: completed tut [slow diag.] All accounts have rested for about half a day, no logins and no botting activity or whatever. All accounts are playable and no instant-ban flags it seems ! Today I'll start using account 1 using the same methods and safety which have other accounts running without issues for days [less than 8h playtime max/day]. Big vouch because this has been the first script for tut island and quests which doesn't need baby sitting ! I don't want to shit on other scripts so I won't mention names, but where others kept getting stuck on quests, or made random run-back actions which would easily get me flagged, none of the 4 accounts had any of these issues while I was monitoring them! You're a legend. I hope to stay unflagged as my other tut-island botted accounts have all been disabled [other scripts!!!]. But right now I don't see a single reason why, or how they could be ! Bless. This pays itself back, can recommend this to anyone.
    4. Thanks for the timely response, I'm glad to hear that. I'll throw some cash at my screen and leave some feedback after running backtests with burners.
    5. This is the most impressive thing I've come across in the botting community, in over 15 years. You absolute king. I'll be following this eagerly, got my interest and lots of respect. This is a masterpiece. Can't wait to see where this goes !
    6. Had to giggle reading this, cheers, haha
    7. For some reason when I start from the command line, it is stuck on the clients "launch" splash-welcome screen. Don't see anything in debug either, blank console log ? (Also tried with direct copy of the command mentioned on the guide)
    8. GUI isn't loading here either, stuck on start-up and not being able to configure.
    9. Hello, I was wondering if this script is still maintained. It seems extremely promising, and if it can both do tutorial island and the QP without the accounts being banned in a few days, I'd happily pay whatever. Asking due to the "last updated" status, to make sure. Thanks in advanced.
    10. To get back on this, every single account on which this script ran is banned. Not one exception. Accounts on which I run the exact same scripts but did tutorial manually, nothing is wrong. No idea what flags or causes this but I'll have to stop using it. Pretty sad cause the script ran fine ... Info: Clean accounts, clean proxies, registered on same proxy as used in bot. Clean emails, emails verified. No multiple-used proxies. HWID Spoof & Fresh client enabled, covet mode too. All caches / appdata cleaned on new account use. Any tips would be welcome.
    11. This is amazing, haven't had a single issue running this as a test on multiple fresh accounts. Extremely useful. Big vouch, thank you very much.
    12. Big vouch for this script ! Great help and runs mostly without problems. Only got stuck once in the staircases of the Maynor. Average run about 30-35 minutes for all quests. No issues beside that, and doesnt seem to get my accounts flagged, even when running after tutorial island. Great job, thanks !
    13. rijketata

      Zodiac Mining

      Used this on two accounts for 4 ~ hours, of which about 1:30:00 active (breaks, pauses, afks etc). I've used all safety options provided by the script, achieved around ~30 mining, and got banned. Mining in Varrock. First for tin, later iron. I'm not sure what could've triggered this, but when I was monitoring the bot these were a few things I noticed: Misclick on other users dropped ores instead of rocks. When the (bronze)pickaxe is equipped and not in the bank, it stops the script saying it doesnt have the required items / gets stuck at the bank, aimlessly going back and forth. I think this may have caused the flag ? When coming back from a break the GUI went blank, doesn't bother me personally tho. Would love some advice before I throw another starter account to the banpit
    14. Hey, thanks for the great work first of all. A wonderful script and glad to see it regularly updated. I was wondering, how can I use the axe-upgrade feature ? Should I have the axes ready in my bank, or a certain amount of coins ? Will it sell logs to get better axes ? What's the plan here ? As I've heard not ugrading axes can get you flagged. Thanks in advanced, great work, have my vouch.
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