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    1. i could be intetresed in a joint venture i am not here to lowball other seller i will provide quality accounts and services at a reasonable price i dont use db for my accounts extremly low banrate All Accounts are rested for Minimum (7) Dayrs Prior All Accounts are made with an Actual Email it is up to you to register it or use ur own email Would like to exchange services or knowledge of the game I curently use US UK CA socks5 i am just making this rough for now and will update it daily (1) Tutorial Island Accounts 0/500 (2) Unrestricted Accounts 0/500 (3) 55 Magic Accounts 0/100 (4) 55 Range Accounts 0/100 (5) 55 Range And 55 Mage Accounts 0/100 (6) 60 WoodCuting Accounts 0/100 (7) 60 Fishing Accounts 0/100 (8) 60 Mining Accounts 0/100 (9) Surprise Accounts (10) Custom Order all accounts are made with an email made for the account recently expanded my farm capacity and i need to bond those accounts ! always looking for partners and friends for a fun adventure ! Play Safe Wear Socks !
    2. big thumbs up ran the scripts on 60 accounts in less then 45 minutes all accounts where spread out across the map before start other then a few got stuck on a loop 2-3 times in a row they all managed to complete all 3 quest without intervention great work
    3. Zians420

      Zodiac Woodcutter

      few thing while cuting normal log in grand exchange the bot often go on other side of wall to cut one log and run back . also while burning logs often it and hit the cannot light a fire here it will run in a straight line causing it to hits its bunfire again and again burning 3-4 logs at a time overall scripts is working good otherwise
    4. Hi i have been playing this game for well over 20 years. i now run a farm of over 120 accounts and counting db is not the main thing i use for my farm. now i need private scripts to be custom made for when i use db premium one are nice but in the long run i need custom scripts made Privacy is key i cannot have my scripts leaked as it would put my Farm at risk is there things out there to facilitate large scale boting on db because loging in 40 + acc and having to select each proxies and account manualy if i make one mistake the accounts get locked is there way around this i would like a small scripts to be made and find a right minded partner for my operation also if anyone would like to get some testing dones or need help expanding hit me up here i am just having fun...
    5. hi  i have a few private question 


    6. hi just wondering if i could have some expertise on this hit me in private thanks


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