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    1. and they'll be another 30 accounts after that. every account gets banned at some point u brainlet. i'm just gonna make my own script instead of getting half arsed scripts that don't work with zero support. keep white knighting a garbo script tho fam
    2. i have 30+ other accounts lined up a single ban is nothing to me you narb get on my level homie
    3. i understand the script is free but is this seriously the support that the scripts on dreambot get? lol what a joke. do you have a script for automated responses on the forum? here's a picture. bot clicks the wrench and then does nothing until it gets logged out and back in over and over again, but i'd wager you're still going to say it isn't broken. nothing but bad experiences with all of your scripts so i was hesitant to even try this unfortunately it's the only idling script on DB at least for now aaaaand one of the accounts literally just got banned LMAO probably because the
    4. is the script broken? Just clicks the wrench then continues to get logged out for not doing anything and logging back in and repeats. thought it was supposed to move camera and do something to prevent getting logged out over and over again
    5. still having issues with script not doing anything edit: got it to work, but it gave me this error even tho it started to work 11:07:02 AM: [ERROR] Exception has occurred while running! Please report error to developer if problem persists: java.lang.NullPointerException at a.a(a.java:42) at X.onLoop(X.java:130) at org.dreambot.api.script.AbstractScript.run(AbstractScript.java) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) seems like it has a really good antiban, i like the efficiency scaler a lot edit: banned in an hour lol
    6. https://postimg.cc/Bjbgzw5h continuously stops randomly, here's the error message hope it helps
    7. though it has less customization options, so far it seems better than the premium dicing scripts (in regards to ban rate)
    8. stops working after one trip.. and half the time it doesn't start because "i'm missing items in bank" messing around with the settings and resetting it a couple of times seems to get it to work proper tho, on the third trip now. ngl once it works, this script is actually pretty fucking nice. good stuff
    9. banned within 10-20 minutes. good thing it was a free trial.. edit: although this ban is weird. says account is disabled, but there's no listed offence at least not yet editagain: yup perm ban for botting meant to write this on the casino one, though i did use both so it can probably apply to both.
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