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    1. Thank you all, I might because i might need some guidelines since I never did this sort of thing and would like to contribute to DreamBot as much as I can with useful scripts so I might need starting guide at some point. Thank you and I will keep finding those possible exploits
    2. Im not sure if im in the wrong or correct forum, this is hell of a profitable idea for a script I had for ages but I just recently started learning Java so im not that skilled, and being a network engineer I don't often code that much to be skilled enough to build it myself. Just a bit south-east from GE, east from bank on a square there is a NPC called "Baraek" who sells bear furrs for 20 gold, and sells for 148 with no problems, even if it doesnt sell all at once which 9/10 times it does well you wait some time maybe go fish or something and its sold. I know it is not much but its F2P method (yeah ir requires an investment but it can be as low as 1k if you make good bot that sells when out of money) or even less depends, is anyone willing to write a script that is capable of buying bear fur off of him, banking and selling if bot needs money to continue buying? Bank is pretty close to it, GE as well so it adds up real quick, its like 7k in few minutes but imagine 10 or more bots grinding it and muling money What do you people think? Is this a good idea or not let me know
    3. DinoMann


      When attempting to start Ernest the chicken quest, bot glitches out and fails to talk to Veronica and just does semi circles near Veronica and never starts the qeust
    4. Feedback: F2P quests bugg out: When i let him do f2p quests he eventualy goes to the bank and script stops idk why For $100 script i expected money making methods to say which one is f2p and p2p Not bashing it im buying script eventualy just suggesting improvements, thanks for awesome script fam!
    5. Aight since i love your sand crab script im getting it, keep up the good work man, if i wasnt lazy id learn hava, nowdays i only use python and C for hobby P.S. will DB launcher work on my linux system? Havent tried yet since im running win10 VM for this
    6. Why doesnt this website have PAYPAL option while purchasing? And WHY do i need to give in my address n shit, sus af
    7. I see you guys having crashes within the script, Only problems i had were same problems but it happened when i hit that option that requires 10k gold and when i disabled it and ran for hour it went fine
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