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    1. I did not know this, in this case I completely understand adding the feature. Awesome script man, already have 1 acc I got 99 on and going strong. Plan to get a few more there soon. Really glad I bought it.
    2. Proxy6 SOCK5 proxies have been working for me, they aren't residentials but I have only been banned on a few accounts botting quite a bit in f2p so far after weeks of using them. NOTE: They do not work for account creation.
    3. Just saw this now with plenty of time, will test it out. Thanks alot! EDIT: great script overall, only complaint is the fletching in visible sight, had many users on scape comment in the chat on how I am standing in the open fletching. May be worth removing this as it does look kind of botlike. Either way I bought it as it's the best Wintertodt script i've used yet, but wanted to provide that feedback.
    4. Hey I already used my trial on this but only ran a few rounds on my main bcuz I didn't have an account to test on (didn't want to bot too long). Can I possibly have another trial? I now have an account to actually run the trial duration on and test/observe. Trying to figure out which Wintertodt script I am going to purchase. If not it is totally understandable.
    5. Hey there, I trialed and bought the script, working great so far except for 1 bug I came across. When using Hosidius allotments and paying for them it tries to pay for the Northeast patch after putting seeds in the southwest patch. It ends up getting stuck here every time requiring manual involvement. Can you swap the allotments so it doesn't try to pay for the incorrect one? This is the only issue I have found so far, other than that working awesome! Let me know if you need more details.
    6. sounds like you got a pretty detectable script to me, I am running free scripts and have had multiple accounts running 2-6 hours a day for a week or so now
    7. I'll follow up with the script creator, I retested a few other scripts and it only seems to be happening with Master AIO F2P which has a break handler built into it (which I've disabled), but I am wondering if that is conflicting some how. I will follow back up in this thread after talking with them.
    8. **First of all, this is an AMAZING script, and I know the amount of work that must have went into this and it's really impressive and a great bot starter script** However, I am having an issue that I think could POSSIBLY be related to this script. I've been running a few accounts on it and for at least a few days now I noticed that when I disable breaks in the script and use the Dreambot breaks instead, there is a high chance that when a break occurs the script never logs back in. It does not happen every time, but it's a fair majority of the time and if I am running more than 2 D
    9. I did that on my main a while back when I got banned, they unbanned it ~8 months later randomly and emailed me. Just to share my experience using that option.
    10. Update: Seems to primarily happen when running 2 or more DB clients. Sometimes the first 2 clients I loaded will actually perform the breaks properly, and any beyond that just sit at the login screen. Other times all of them seize to log back in after breaking. It's really random I can't isolate the cause, but it is very consistent and prevents me from being able to step away from the bots.
    11. Cleared all versions of Java, did a fresh install of Java and client, same issue is still occurring.
    12. I'll give that a try and update this thread after
    13. To add to this: Not only does the script not show errors, but even if you stop/start the script again it will show it is running but not do anything. It forces me to have to close the client and re-open to get the scripts to run again.
    14. It just sits there saying the break has finished on the client. logs dont show any errors or anything, scripts keeps itself running but it just never logs back in. Tried re-downloading client, setting it to clean start, tried multiple scripts, keep having the same issue. It's like a 9/10 time thing with the breaks. Only time breaks seem to actually work is if they are under 6 minutes and I don't get logged out.
    15. It seems to be hit or miss, but lately (within the last 2 days or so) I have been noticing that a fair majority of the time when Dreambot takes a break it never ends up logging back in when the break is completed. I am also unable to stop/start the script again as it just sits there and gets stuck. Forces me to have to clean start Dreambot again for scripts to work. Not isolated to any specific script as far as I can see, is this a known issue that is being worked on? EDIT: Tried downloading DB3 update that went out on Saturday 3/13 and issue still is occurring.
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