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    1. Been waiting on any response and there has been nothing. Not seen any updates either. Seems like either the person who made the script is no longer active or just does not care about fixing this. Unfortunate as it was my number one gold making script.
    2. A while ago I made a recommendation that you change the special use to the bubble by the map and I see that the change has been made. I am glad to see recommendations people make being used to change/improve the script. Loving the script!
    3. Been using this for about a week now. I noticed that on members worlds it will go over the agil point in the east of the cow pen then walk to the bank.
    4. Kecdraw

      Mogy Holy Prayer

      Looks to be working now. Chat bot not running while burying bones in Seers Village when not checking the box
    5. Getting an error when I run it while at the rock crabs. 7:42:13 AM: [ERROR] Exception has occurred while running! Please report error to developer if problem persists: java.util.ConcurrentModificationException at java.util.ArrayList$ArrayListSpliterator.forEachRemaining(Unknown Source) at java.util.stream.AbstractPipeline.copyInto(Unknown Source) at java.util.stream.AbstractPipeline.wrapAndCopyInto(Unknown Source) at java.util.stream.ReduceOps$ReduceOp.evaluateSequential(Unknown Source) at java.util.stream.AbstractPipeline.evaluate(Unknown Source
    6. Been using the script for 3 days now and I love it! I would like to make a recommendation. When using a special attack you can use the bubble by the map instead of going into the combat menu to use the special. Could it be changed to use that? Might make it a bit faster at changing weapons back.
    7. Kecdraw

      Mogy Holy Prayer

      Chat bot runs when you do not check that box
    8. Kecdraw


      Had a thought, what is the range of the "Select Area"?
    9. Kecdraw


      Been running it for a few days. Beyond some slightly strange movements as mentioned in previous comments I left it running for a few hours mining silver in the Crafting guild and dropping it and came to find it had stopped running on its own and I was logged out. At the bottom it showed the "Stopped jbMiner!" as if I had stopped it on my end
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