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    1. going to run this on some accs tyvm i will lyk how it goes
    2. are you sure they didnt get 2 day banned?
    3. honestly you are botting during prime time, ofc you will be banned quick and disable the randoms it will help.
    4. Baller g.e flipper might be able todo this if you customize it right
    5. i play overwatch without any problems
    6. says you my guy. Learn how to break and adjust settings and get VIP covert makes a difference. don't use free scripts.
    7. Doing just fine personally. Get bigger margin items. currently made 7m f2p in a couple days.
    8. Maybe try using ItemID's to distinguish them and set them to withdraw one then equip and then check the armor tab to make sure its setup correctly? Honestly i dont know how to code but i have read up on it a little and i plan to try my hand at some osrs scripts here soon.
    9. Maybe add the option to make it bank all armor and suicide to regain stats then tele back and regear and start again? Other than that it works great and exactly as it should. Do have a bug that makes it start clicking outside then inside and then starts looping. Just says walking and keeps going back and forth. first time it happened but i figured id let you know. For some reason it keeps happening now when the inventory is near full with 2 food left.
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