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    1. The client updates everytime you run the jar file, so Im always on the latest version.... and it failed again today so 3 days now it doesn't work. Luckily I caught it fairly quickly this time around as I have to babysit it now. Made 2 trips before falling into the home teleport loop.
    2. Not sure what happened the last 2 days, but Blood runes are broken. Wanted to give it atleast 24 hours before testing again, on the most recent jar file also. Script makes maybe 1 trip, then just keeps casting home teleport. Walked away for a few minutes and it was doing it for 15 mins, standing in lumby still pressing Home teleport.
    3. This is all tested on Blood runes. Its been a few days now since Dream bot "Interact will now zoom out if necessary" in 3.5.2 was introduced and were on 3.5.4 now. I noticed this started after 3.5.2 - When the Script attempts to click on the short cuts, the Dark Altar, and the Blood Altar the script sometimes quickly zooms in and out about 5 times. Im assuming the Script attempts to run the Interact function, Triggers the zoom out function and gets stuck in a weird zoom in and zoom out loop before breaking out of it. It is extremely bot like when I see this happen. Is there an update to
    4. Been using the script for about a week now and for the most part it works well. But today it keeps getting the following error: Tried multiple times but keeps failing. Tried again today and it looks to be working again.
    5. Looking for a good Blood rune script, for the most part it is working well but 2 notes I have noticed so far that makes it look bot like. -When its mining the Essence it uses the minimap to move to the next mine instead of being in a zoomed out format and clicking on the mine itself. Sometimes it runs all the way to the end of the mine where no one ever stands or goes to. clicking on the mine itself instead of using the minimap seems like it would be more human like also. -When it finishes getting its 2nd load of dark essence it attempts to run back to the mine. It makes it about half w
    6. Newest update to the client is breaking the script when it attempts to bank. Are you aware or do you need Console output?
    7. Okay but the script still doesn't work even with the new client fix. It still has the same problem and you're claiming that its fixed which is wrong. Whether its because of the client itself or the script i dont see how its my fault. And being able to use a product a fraction of the time that i bought it for doesnt seem like fair usage to me ,so i would just like my money back im not sure how thats unreasonable. Im also within the grace period too.
    8. I'de rather just have the refund because i've already had this script for 7 days and have only been able to use it for 1 of them. Plus i dont know how often these kinds of problems occur so it doesnt seem worth it if im paying monthly for a product with a lot of downtime
    9. 1. Script purchased: Cloakd Demonic Gorillas 2. Script Thread URL: 3. Scripter(tag them with @): @TheCloakdOne 4. Date of purchase(mm/dd): 03/23 5. Detailed description of problem: the bot gets stuck everytime after rebanking. i can only do 1 trip before it starts walking back and forth from the bank to the grand tree door, asking to be banned. 6. Proof of attempted scripter contact (screenshots only): https://gyazo.com/3ccd8d95c4ad964023db343652adfac8 https://gyazo.com/19e47d6a3d6fac31a740e857a4fe6c44 7. Proof of script issue(s) (screenshot/gif/video): ht
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