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    Found 5 results

    1. | Fletching roots | Light brazier upon start | AFK settings | Game skipping | Crates opening | Custom feeding | Features: Fletching roots. Light brazier upon start. AFK settings. Game skipping. Crates opening. Custom feeding. Multiple stop settings. Customised banking. Worldhopping. Customised eating. Automatically swap braziers. Automatically takes missing items (Knife/Hammer/Tinderbox/Axe). How to setup discord notifications: Example of the discord notifications Instructions: Start the script at the wintertodt area. Media: Amazing 200M EXP by @VeeGabe @jaykwon @lucaboi
    2. When i run any script i can not maximise them or stretch the settings windows and some other parts of the client. All other scripts i have allow me to stretch and view all the info. ive attached some examples
    3. | Dodge waves | Repairing | Cook fish | Special attack | Stop settings | Did you know this script is also part of Dreamy AIO Skiller Elite? See here Instructions: Start the script at the Ruins of Unkah area. Features: Dodge waves using totems/masts. Repairing totems/masts. Cooking fish. Dragon harpoon special attack. Pre hover mouse actions. Customised reward system. Multiple stop settings. Automatically detects missing items and picks them up. Forfeit if game is finished. Infomative paint. Profiles / Quickstarting! Avoid fires are NOT supported. This script is made the for tempoross worlds only. Quickstart: Fill in your settings and save your profile in '.json' format. CLI example: start java -jar C:\Users\YOUR_USER\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar -script "Dreamy Tempoross" -params "C:\Users\YOUR_USER\DreamBot\Scripts\Dreamy Tempoross\profile.json" Media: @Itzallthat @Itzallthat @Itzallthat
    4. I literally just bought this Script and have tried a million different things to get it to work like restarting, changing settings etc it even says "Owned" on the Website but when I launch the Client as many times as I Refresh my Scripts it acts as if I never bought it... I have my Receipt ID and a Screenshot of the Purchase along with it saying "Owned" on DreamBot... Can this be fixed ASAP or can someone help me fix this please? I just wanted to get started and what I thought would be easy as Refreshing Scripts has turned into a Nightmare trying to get the Script to show up/Let me Run it in any way shape or form
    5. I just bought Dreamy AIO Skiller and NOTHING I've done makes it show up... I've tried Restarting the Client, Refreshing Scripts, changing Settings etc I even turned my Proxies off to see if that would work, I can run the Client Legitimately fine... But anytime I download a Script (Cause I started to Download FREE ones just to see if they would pop up when "Refreshing my Scripts" and they did not show up either... I am running DreamBot on a MAC but have JAVA enabled and Downloaded so I am failing to find the problem... Any better tech savvy people out there that could help a brother out...? Thanks in advance even if just simple fixes/suggestions I'll try anything as I bought this Script and intend to use it ASAP
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