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  1. yup =] Next time it happens ill try and screenshot it to show ya!
  2. He closes the bank and then just stands there pretty much, I have to pause and manually move him back to the labeled block for some reason =p Also check your messages!
  3. After this banks it just stands at the bank instead of going back to set spot. I saw someone mention this awhile back and I thought it would be fixed by now lol. Whats the status with this script are you still upkeeping it? You also should allow to set a time between messages, and allow a save so we do not have to add everything everytime we boot it up. But yeah without the banking fixed this script is a bust for me rn, since im just buried under people after 1 banking trip. Can you fix this? Thanks so much
  4. Interested in having one of these made if any script makers want to reach out.
  5. [WARN]18:13:43: You already have a random event with the name BREAK registered! I see this error in the console could this be why? Just weird because I only have 1 break registered. Gonna rename my break and see if that fixes it. Update: Renamed break, still get that same error. Breaks still do not seem to be working.
  6. For some reason my breaks have not been working for about 2 weeks. Attached is my break settings. Breaks just never happen. Anyone know what could cause this?
  7. I noticed it a little bit ago very nice! I am using less prayer pots now with the prayer change as well which is awesome.
  8. Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to switch the prayer, much better! @Nex Anyone wondering if they should buy this it is worth it! Nex actually listens to his customers suggestions as well =]
  9. Legend420


    This thing has been pretty amazing. Worth every dollar! Id pay even more if you added underground pass!
  10. Can you add a toggle for it? Id prefer a slight delay over speed, I already pause it and resume it to create this effect manually lol. I would donate to get that added.
  11. @Nex while you are at it, how hard would it be to add random pauses at random times after you exit a brother fight. For example if you sit and watch people run barrows for an hour, a lot of people will exit from a fight, and idle for a random amount of time anywhere from 30 seconds to 1-2 minutes sometimes before running to the next one. Would it be possible to add such a thing for anti ban? Running instantly from fight to fight could help them flag it as a bot. Random delays after exit could help with that. It would make things a little slower but would be better antiban. Maybe a toggle for it for people who care about efficiency over bans? This would be great antiban combined with the prayer change. Just a suggestion for the future no rush on this one!
  12. Thank you sir! I hate to be a pain but when someone is able to spot us so well a fix is def needed haha. Besides that the script is great I got 1800 kc before I got banned and the ban was just from the dickhead following / reporting my bot last night lol. 1800 KC is pretty epic! I am wondering with this prayer fix if I can get the next one even further! Also like to note, this script only got me a minor macro ban, 1 day lol. Never had that happen with other scripts its always been perm ban. Maybe just lucky lol.
  13. When I do it manually I turn the prayer off right after the guy dies, I am confused on how it would be any different this way? Just sucks because its now a sure fire way for these "bot busters" to call us out and get us banned. Nobody else has prayer always turning off at the same exact time after exit. Having it turn off pre-exit would make us look like everyone else doing barrows. If you sit and watch people running barrows for an hour its rare to see someone popup with prayer on. When someone is constantly doing it, and people know that botters do that, its kind of a bust and people like the guy following me yesterday saying "nice dreambot" ruin the script =\ Gotta blend in like a normal user
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