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  • Are you not able to open the client? Make sure you have Java 8 installed
  • Still not working? Try downloading and running JarFix
  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
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  1. Hey! I am looking for cracked or any other hand-trained account with at least 50/50/50 in attack, health and defence. PM me on discord: sexy subordinant#6766 Thank you!
  2. Hey! Buying membership accounts with at least 4 days left on them. I will pay 1M 07 per account Thank you!
  3. Thank you. I think I will just stick with dreambot's mouse movement for now. I have managed to randomise where the bot places its cursor within a certain boundary but I found every 100 or so clicks, it clicks the wrong interactation and breaks the chain. I could run some checking commands to check if it has done the wrong thing but that would be messy. I am trying to use the dreambot's slotInteract but with no avail. I am not sure how to use it quite yet but I will keep trying
  4. I was using click(java.awt.Point destination)
  5. I am developing a very basic script that will process items and I want to have more human-like/less detectable mouse movements instead of using getInventory().get("item").useOn("item"). I was trying to use getMouse().click() but it kept overshooting and even when I disabled that setting in mouseSettings(), it still didn't work very well at all. Does anyone know of a good way to have less detectable mouse movements or is the get("item") method the best? Thank you!
  6. Buying 99 smithing accounts. Name a price and we can negotiate. Can pay in GP or paypal
  7. What small tests and scripts have you used and how do you like to script? As in, do you have just one "main" file that is run or do you use nodes and other files. Do you also just have a list of "if" statements that is run or is there another way of writing a script that makes it easier/better? Sorry for the list of questions. Thank you
  8. I got banned on 1st of June and yes I got banned with the same evidence type. Maybe there is a new wave of moderators? I'm not very sure
  9. Hi guys! I have spent around 2 weeks developing a runecrafting script that allows me to craft runes at the earth alter near varrock east bank. I have almost completely finished the script and was about to test it with Hastag's Muling script when I got banned. I had not tested the script for more than an hour at a time, had purchased a proxy and had some minimal anti-ban in there. I just have a few questions which will determine whether I continue to script or not. 1: Do test accounts often get banned when developing scripts scripts? I found it weird how my script got banned and I am not sure how to make it much better than it already is. I was hoping to be able to run it for at least like 30 hours before it got banned or is that too hopeful? 2: My script is rather basic in terms of the use of the Java language (I am rather new to Java and just use 'if' statements to determine actions) I saw Hashtag's tutorial on Abstractscript vs Taskscript and I just used abstract becasue it was easier and more applicable for the bot I was developing 3: Is it better to make a gold farming bot for f2p or p2p? I feel like f2p is much harder now with the restrictions but I don't want to keep purchasing bonds until I have enough gold to purchase them in game. 4: What is the best system/method to set up a 10 bot gold farm? My plan was to use the script I was developing to make a 10 bot gold farm that auto-muled and I could sell the gold bi-weekly however the accounts I use for testing developing scripts get banned incredibly quickly. I can't imagine it would be player reports cause I don't script where players are or where it is noticeable so I am convinced it is the automatic detection. I am using proxies from Blazingproxies which was recommended by other botters 5: Is it worth to invest into a 10 bot, botfarm and what suggestions do you guys have for me? I just can't seem to find success in any type of scripting I am doing. I started by using free scripts and got banned fast. I used premium scripts and got banned fast. I create my own scripts and still get banned even on proxies and with some small anti-ban. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Thank you and any other suggestions I will happily take. Any criticism is also welcome whether that be harsh or not. I love the scripting communty but it's not viable unless I can soon find some success.
  10. Hey there! I am just testing and playing around with a runecrafting script I have been programming over the past couple of days. Only today did I see that when I were to stop the bot with the manual controls at the bottom of the client, the bot would stop but every now and again (roughly 3-5 seconds) a ghost action such as clicking the map or clicking the bank would occur. I am not sure why this happens and it makes troubleshooting and just using the client very difficult. If someone could explain this or shead some light on how to have a temporary fix, that would be awesome! P.s I am using patch of the client. If any other additional information is needed, I am more than happy to oblige! Happy scripting!
  11. does this script come with some anti-ban behaviour. I know you dont like answering this question but how long do you think it would last roughly if it were to be spammed for as long as possible with muling every 3 hours? thank you
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