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    1. Script's good, but you better have your reading glasses with you to get it to work the first time
    2. Hello everybody, it's my proper newb post to get myself going. I'm so pleasantly surprised to see our community so alive Point-time now.. Do you have or know someone who has experience with setting up a easily scalable bot farm? I'd be willing to pay for advice and a guided setup. ❤️ Thanks, stay healthy and cool-cool! Stockr.
    3. getMagic().castSpellOn(Normal.WIND_STRIKE, getNpcs().closest(; Clicks on map occasionally causing problems. Can anybody suggest me a workaround or check out if you have the same issue?
    4. Thanks! I guess there was some other reason why it didn't work then. Stay strong!
    5. I realize, it's a relatively stupid question, but how could I get local player combat level? I need to analyze it for picking NPCs to attack. Working with skills is quite straight forward, but I see no SKILLS.COMBAT and getLocalPlayer().getCombat() is moody as well. Thank you!
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