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    1. Great script seriously works flawlessly I bought it after getting 376 point during trial without any hiccups I currently have gained 3118 points on a total of 5 diff accounts no bans no hiccups! hashtag I choose you! Lol just waiting for your runecrafting script to release hehe got pc will get nmz also once I have enough accounts high enough lvl I’ll post some prog one they get older or if I get like a 20+hr one I won’t be able to resist
    2. Great script got my 44 crafting first run but I did have a few issues with progressive mode it will switch to next runes and all but it doesn’t actually get the correct tiara(it doesn’t actually switch at all I did it manually though) after finding the boy standing outside the alter and clicking it every so often to enter but without checking equips tiara. tried to add as much info as possible since I don’t have any logs just going to have to take my word for it! The script ran flawlessly(besides above mention) I think I will continue to use it but switch to mule support 😃
    3. Here is a nice little prog I threw my own custom/random break in so not to speak much of exp/hr this accounts only a few weeks old casually botted only using this script since day one out of tut island
    4. (low lvl acc so low exp) nice job man runs great was actually able to run it smooth without babysitting it like the other PC trials i used so i made a purchase just a small prog if you ever had some free time it would be nice to set a goal to change attack style after X lvl reached or even change from range/mage/meele 😃 but with how little exp you get from PC doubt it would be that useful.
    5. all this script does is grab 10k 3 empty vials 3 sets of super potions enters boat to sand crab island run to tile drop 3 empty vials give error missing 10k and 3 empty vials *leaves island goes to bank grabs 10k and 3 empty vials* then repeats^^^ after 50k i delete script trial how is this not free?
    6. this is a very good script i will keep building a farm with this premium script for free! i cant wait for the day this script is finalized very good complete AIO script. currently have 3 accounts att/str/def 75+ with most of the other skills the script supports around 50s managed to get 73 mining with 1 account highest progg i have so far was 32hrs(much longer tho but due to power outages in my region) thank you very much for the time you put into this script you got an auth sold here =D
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