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  1. 4oman

    My first script

    great hope u love it
  2. 4oman

    My first script

    here is my open source code ARDY masterfarmer pickpocting script notice that this is my first script fell free to comment for any thing i should know about going make tons of scripts for learning .. type of food is only supported jug of wine things to do >>>1-add all masterfarmer locations 2-add all type of foods 3-add dodgy support 3-add paint 4-add GUI https://github.com/GeniuSKilleR95/Script/blob/master/farmer.java
  3. found the problem it was from my internet provider there is a bug from they end
  4. https://gyazo.com/38f391fa9e5a77b03f5a1653398ade94 any idea how to fix ?
  5. 4oman


    found another bug in dragon slayer when going to the maze to get the 3rd part of the map it didnt take runes with it even if i made sure it is in inventory at the beginning of the script
  6. 4oman


    https://gyazo.com/3892d498ed55235f435082d79fca9179 this bug too some times after doing 2 or 3 quests it just stand there giving N/A task and idleing for ever
  7. 4oman


    https://gyazo.com/b3c908e4e19dacb43067ef40685d18a1 this bug too just stand there
  8. 4oman


    https://gyazo.com/e124ba87847c2005c17f8192b6f52fb9 haooened on 2 quest naturel sprit and Tree Gnome Village if u have discord to report bug into can add me GeniuSKilleR#9087
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