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  1. HelloAgain

    Appeal again

    I was sneaky - I hid my involvement with a certain member *Censored - Articron has details*, I pretended to be a partner with Pker while I couldn't care less, I reported Trump a few times privately and publicly To clarify, I was working more closely with another individual. The only REAL involvement I had with Pker was an attempt at a swordfishing script. I am fine with submitting the last version I have to a member of staff. It is less than halfway done. Pker's focus shifted to a "Bot managing" client, which he began working on privately. I was not involved, and our efforts to collab a script were halted indefinitely. I even submitted pictures of the discussion to "DDoS" Dreambot to a staff member privately. Also, my involvement with the ^ Censored member above is partially my rebuttle against the "Hacking SDN Scripts" accusation. The script Man16 referred to was an account creator. I got all of my tutorial accounts from the undisclosed member. I deceived Articron about his planker - we've hashed it out, and I did make some mistakes on my interpretations of things, and I should've told him once things changed involving it. I do deeply regret dragging him into it. Now that I have no need for it, I'm perfectly fine with giving my version to Articron, if he should feel the need to compare. The issue is settled, but I did claim I only used a particular section of his script (handling the butler) and I have no issue with it if he'd like to verify. I lied about getting the discords banned, and trolled the server for a bit (troll is a strong word, but for lack of a better term - mostly, I just joined and chatted when I knew I was unwelcome) I was deeply upset that Nezz chose not to block me, but rather, simply ignore all of my pleas for guidance during this time. I sold private scripts without having the rank, and took too much upon myself knowing I would soon have less time to work on them. It was not my intention to not finish the script, nor was it to have them not work 100% correctly the first time. I knew I'd be busier, but I didn't realize how much busier. Part of this oversight was due to considering the other member a friend at the time. I didn't think the schedule would be as tight, since it was a more personal relationship than simply business. He held me to professional standards, and that's fine. I've learned from the experience. I have submitted some supporting evidence to Articron via Discord. I hope that it can be considered, privately. A lot has changed for me personally in the time since leaving this forum. I have certainly matured, my goals included. I'm not seeking an active forum-life, and I'm not seeking to get in with crowds that may cause problems. I'd like to keep to myself and just enjoy the bot. I took a break from RS altogether, and I've taken a better perspective on the community. Not having the bot has made me appreciate it and the fun I had writing scripts for it more. - Lycen
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