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    1. I have made 3 accounts, each getting banned 20 min after tut Island. One even got banned when I was setting up the gui. Does anyone else have the same problem
    2. I mean it works but its tough to watch. and im worried if I leave it the bot get stuck like it did. I don't need to fill the thread with my concerns. nice work nonetheless.
    3. nope. fails at the same spot. im going to request a refund this script needs a lot of work
    4. sorry for double post : it not prays.. hopefully can post a prog report soon
    5. I selected the options for prayer to be activated but the bot fights the brothers without prayers activated what is wrong
    6. curious if I could get another trial of this bot as when I asked the !bot in the discord it was just after a patch and I didn't get to use it
    7. edit : sorry for double post: Can someone help?
    8. Hello I accidently set my java files to open with internet explorer and now when I open my DBLauncher it doesn't open with java. I am looking for assistance to find how to tell the Launcher to open with java again. For an example when I click the launcher now it opens with Internet Explorer and just keeps downloading the program again and again. I right clicked open with and went to my java folder and found Javaw but it does not work
    9. I mean in the computer clock where its invisible on the taskbar but is running in the background
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