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  1. just like to say im an idiot this has now been sorted hahah my bad have a nice day will let you know if there are any other problems!
  2. bought the script and every time i try starting it shuts itself down have no idea what to do debug says the following: [INFO]19:45:59: Starting game state listener! [INFO]19:45:59: Starting experience listener... [INFO]19:45:59: Started experience listener! [INFO]19:45:59: [Nano Herblore] LOADING. [ITEMS MAP] [INFO]19:45:59: [Nano Herblore] LOADING. [NODE TREE] [INFO]19:45:59: [Nano Herblore] LOADING. [GUI] [INFO]19:45:59: [Nano Herblore] Failed to download items! (Neffware) [INFO]19:46:00: [Nano Herblore] Failed to download items! (DP) [INFO]19:46:00: [Nano Herblore] Items data was not stored. Stopping script [INFO]19:46:40: [Nano Herblore] LOADING. [SETTINGS] [INFO]19:46:40: [Nano Herblore] LOADING FINISHED. [INFO]19:46:40: Stopping script: Nano Herblore do you know what this could be?? im probably doing something wrong just need a pointer
  3. Hi NEX! big fan of your scripts have bought a few off of you tbf just wondering if youve implemented doing tips for bolts yet? if you have ill happily buy it!
  4. rebornfatslug


    dayum man doesnt sound so fun when ya put it that way lol! yeah okay man well i look forward to updates and pm me if you are gonna make another one because I know 100% I would support that, testing/purchase. 😄
  5. rebornfatslug


    hahaha a man can dream ey! also the ones upto and including lunar diplomacy I dm doing the kudos in the library but man youd be saving me soooooo much and would love you forever lolol
  6. i cant seem to get nature runes working on here? everytime i start it it turn on sprint then stops?? do i need to be somewhere specific to start or?
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