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  1. @lilyHey lily script is working fine however the green menu recently went away and its not solving randoms now.
  2. @HashtagPurchased script but when I run it gets stuck on trying to pay the foreman keys right clicking and doing pay but doesn't select an option
  3. It would be cool to see and updated Wine grabber script. Since the recent bot busting efforts of jagex it has made it harder but I think its still possible. One could make a script where if you have 750 skill lvl you will go to 2nd floor and telegrab where u do not get attacked.
  4. @Hashtag Awesome script, but when I get too far away from banks tho say the 4 crab spot and I try and run script. The resetting of the crabs is a bit bugged. It will run over to bank side and just walk back and forth