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  1. Hi, can I get a trial please? I upvoted as well as am a VIP.
  2. I noticed it cooks poison Karambwans instead of regular ones. I think it's because it does the "1" keyboard shortcut. Anyway to add an exception where if you're cooking Karambwans, it uses option 2 or just simply cooks the correct version?
  3. Can I get a trial please? Upvoted already. Also, does this support cooking in Karambhwans at Myth Guild bank chest and range?
  4. Hi Everyone, I've got some digital $20 Steam gift cards if anyone wants to purchase them. I will only accept Old School RS GP in exchange for the gift cards for the most part. You can PM on Dreambot. Image for mods if needed; of course I blocked it off since these are digital codes. Also, these are all legitimate and not fraudulent at all; all have been purchased online legitimately via 1st party Steam retailers.
  5. I recommend not using this script! I used it on two accounts that I had rs3 versions on (non-botted) and also first time using this script. I was more so just lazy on doing the tutorial island so used it and next thing I know I got banned on both. All I did was run the script on both and once it left tutorial island, I logged out and didn't do anything else on it. I think this script is detected.
  6. Hey Hash, can I have another trial please? I didn't get a chance to try out the last one you gave me, you can check my account to see and you'll see it wasn't used at all.
  7. Hey Nex, great looking script. Just upvoted, mind if I get an auth?
  8. Ahhh, thanks man. Anyway I can get re-authed for a trial please? I didn't get a chance to use it at all.
  9. Quick question, for the high alching, am I able to select something other than what's on the drop down? I have addy plates but don't see them on the list and don't see where I can type in the item ID or select that. Any workaround for this or anything?
  10. Thanks Xephy! Haven't had a change to test it out yet but hopefully sometime this week I can jump on it!
  11. Upvoted! Would love a trial if possible. This looks promising. I have a lvl 124 so thinking of trying it out on him. Assuming I'll be able to get more than 800K an hour with 99 attk/str/def?
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