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  1. Thanks again for the quick response as always! Will Let you know once you tell me to check
  2. Hi Manly, Yhis is the 4th or 5th script I've bought from you as they are brilliant. I have noticed that while trying to cook Tuna at the Hosidius Kitchen the bot just stands idle next to the oven and doesn't cook. Could you look into this? Thanks
  3. So I watched it, and it withdraws gold bars, miss clicks the sapphires sits there with only bars in inventory and then ends script
  4. Hi Manly, This is after a 20min run, it still had around 1k supplies in bank but stopped. it's running for 20-40mins at a time then getting the below message. [INFO]10:59:12: Starting game state listener! [INFO]10:59:13: Script set to running! [INFO]11:19:07: No inputs left... exiting! [INFO]11:19:07: Stopping script: Manly Crafter
  5. Hi Manly, Thanks for the quick reply, moving the camera doesn't work as it resets it to this setting when banking. Thanks for submitting the update out of interest how long does that normally take?
  6. Hi Manly, I currently use a few of your scripts and very happy. I have noticed that this script has an error when botting sapphire rings in Al kharid. It clicks just behind the furnace so that the bot walks outside the western wall then interacts with the furnace meaning the bot then has to walk back round to get in again. Picture attached. Thanks
  7. Hi Man16, Just bought the script, it's creating new accounts perfectly But getting stuff after character customisation on tutorial island, nothing happens when it's being asked to move the camera around
  8. 2pk4lif3


    looking to buy this script have upvoted and would like to test please 😊
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