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    1. Hey all, Recently when I try to walk up ladders specifically the ones in Lumby castle using the web path finder my paths never generate any entrance Nodes. When I generate the route from spawn. For example Current Tile: (3222, 3219, 0) Destination: (3211, 3223, 1) Path: [Basic node: (3215, 3219, 0), Basic node: (3213, 3227, 0), Basic node: (3206, 3227, 0)] What am I doing wrong? My code for generating the GlobalPath is below Walking.getWebPathFinder().calculate(getLocalPlayer().getTile(), newlocation);
    2. Wow. It's sad because I had fixed this problem with another script and forgot to change the code for this one. Sorry and thanks!
    3. I was wondering if there was a quick way to find if a path has an obstacle between start and destination. For example Tile start = getLocalPlayer().getTile() // Start Tile end = new Tile( 10, 10) //Destination Walking.getAStarPathFinder().hasObstacle(start, end) //Returns true if there is an uncompleted obstacle between start and end Is there anything like that?
    4. CTRL + R toggles rendering. I don't know about CPU handler
    5. Sometimes the bank tutorial handler doesn't click on the "x". Is there a way to force or to restart the handler manually? THe handler then breaks the client making scripts not work or other handlers. Help!
    6. Gets stuck after Ranging rats. Looks for ladder but if its not on the screen hangs and gets banned.
    7. The pitch and yaw the camera should be at. I was wanting to create a camera movement algorithm that could randomize my camera movements similar to the setMouseMovement function. There doesn't seem to be a an open source method for it, so trying to make my spaghetti code work. xD I could get the tile of my character compare to the entity tile and adjust camera accordingly. Just wondering if you guys already wrote that logic in rotatetoentity. Thanks for the response more coding for me 😢
    8. sweet will the API docs be updated?
    9. Hey, is it possible to have a getter function for yaw for an entity. Trying to randomize Camera.rotateto(Entity) is difficult. There might already be a function i'm not seeing? EDIT: Looking back I put pitch in the title when I should've put Yaw. If anyone comes across this heres the helper function public int getYaw(Entity ent) { //vector going to game object int[] gameVector = {ent.getX() - getLocalPlayer().getX(), ent.getY() - getLocalPlayer().getY()}; //default 0 yaw vector <0, 1> int[] playerVector = {0, 1}; //radian of angle double rad = Math.acos(gameVector[1]/(Math.sqrt(Math.pow(gameVector[0], 2) + Math.pow(gameVector[1], 2)))); //convert to yaw int yaw = (int) (2048 -(rad * (1024/Math.PI))); log("Yaw is: " + yaw); return yaw; }
    10. Magic! For Thread.sleep() I had to catch/throw an error but after that it worked like a charm!
    11. I know that the Mouse movement algorithm function is still in beta and buggy but I wanna list some bugs just so they're known and if theres anything I can do as a workaround 1. If the login handler is called while a script is running (e.g. quickhop) the entire client breaks. EDIT: #1 might be any handler because it breaks on the Bank Handler as well. 2. Sometimes the camera isn't adjusted to see an object if using an alternate algorithm. 3. Sometimes if stuck in a loop the script can't be stopped unless you close the client. Wondering if anyone had any workarounds or tips. EDIT 2: I don't even know where to start for debugging it seems like it breaks dreambot itself
    12. Update/Bump I followed these steps Download and Installed. Removed old Java and Changed the ENV variables to for Path and JAVA_HOME New Java version above Removed Client.jar and redownloaded via DBLauncher.jar (Note -- I get Outdated java warning when starting up) Magic! Thanks!
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