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  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
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    how do you download now here help please

  2. Im having trouble running the script for more than a few hours at a time my game client logs me out for some reason randomly, tried running the script for 8 hours yesterday can home and i was logged out?
  3. templex

    Scripting 101

    That was very useful thx, I have this code for my GUI dropCheckBox.addActionListener(e -> {if (dropCheckBox.isSelected()) {powerChop = true;} else {powerChop = false;}}); How would i make another part of the GUI which is a combo box be refreshed to be blanked out if the variable powerChop is true? also: https://gyazo.com/693132a5b616fc1f71ff93a2dd3baa8f so you can see what im trying to do you tab thing worked like a charm
  4. templex

    Scripting 101

    Hey im trying to get into scripting and have a couple of questions: How to get multiple tabs in the GUI like your #1 woodcutting script has for example, What would be the best way of traversing and depositing things at a bank, How to get camera and mouse movement to look human-like? Thats all, thanks.
  5. completely uninstalled java and reinstalled the freshest JDK 64 bit, installed eclipse 64 (my windows 10 is 64 bit), still getting the same problem. https://gyazo.com/acba4a9d8123f2c9dcb9a12f9a9c2a14 also getting a new problem?? https://gyazo.com/3da86da04e125ae1e196ae94504fdb53 very frustrating as you can imagine ok i think i solved most of the issue by installing eclipse oxygen rather the download what was linked this is the only problem i have now https://gyazo.com/01abfd351a2ea967956d1d24c3a423b7
  6. There is a bug where when the bot empties your inventory it frequently still leaves exactly 2 logs in there (bot misclick?) if jagex notices this behaviour it will be easier for jagex to see who are using the bot
  7. im using the latest version of eclipse for win32
  8. getting an error https://gyazo.com/d4b15337d1a1c86923f273305a15baf6 ?
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