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    1. RandomHandler One of the great things of the old days of OSRS cheating, especially when SCAR was popular, was the sharing and co-development of things like random event solvers so I'm bringing it back. Here you'll find a collect of random solvers that work out of the box, save for adding the package to these files. More will be added as I encounter them and have the time to solve them. Supported Random Events: Genie, Mysterious Old Man, Drunken Dwarf, Ricky Turpentine, Freaky Forester, Frog, Beekeeper, and a generic Dismiss handler Usage Add the files to your script, ideally in a folder named randoms. Add RandomHandler.loadRandoms(); to onStart. Add RandomHandler.clearRandoms(); to onExit. Use RandomHandler.loadRandom(Event.DRUNKEN_DWARF) and RandomHandler.unloadRandom(Event.DRUNKEN_DWARF) respectively to only load your desired solver. Lamp will automatically be used by GenieSolver, to take care of it manually, remove the line from GenieSolver and use RandomHandler.useLamp(); where desired. Watch the magic happen! I will be adding more options for loading and unloading specific random events Issues Currently, the onPaint doesn't seem to work but that's all. GitHub https://github.com/blakeaholics/DreamBot-RandomHandler
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    2. I wanted to express my gratitude and admiration for the exceptional work you've been doing on the script. It's truly impressive how well it's functioning, demonstrating not only your technical prowess but also your thorough understanding of user requirements. Having used your script extensively, I would like to propose a new feature enhancement that I believe could significantly enhance its utility and user engagement. I am envisioning the addition of a "Soul Bearer" function to collect heads I understand that incorporating new features is not a trivial task and it may require considerable resources and time. Nevertheless, I truly believe that the introduction of the "Soul Bearer" function could be a valuable enhancement. Once again, I want to express my sincere appreciation for the flawless performance of the script. It's evident that a great deal of expertise and dedication has gone into its creation, and the results speak for themselves. Thank you for considering my proposal.
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    3. Hi buddy @LinzerASK Yes, no problem. I've just pushed an update that will allow a much longer run time. Sorry about that. Thanks for the feedback
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