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    Hey guys, 
    its been a month since i started to use dreambot + VIP and several premium scripts.
    So i wanted to let you guys know how my experience is with dreambot :)
    Equipment: macbook + imac
    3 Dedicated proxies
    5 Fresh accounts (lvl3)
    I started off with a 1 premium script, which was so flawless, that i decided to buy some more premium scripts.
    the first week i started out with 2 fresh accounts botting for atleast 18 hours a day. This was such a success, that i decided after 5 days to add 3 more bots.
    5 fresh accounts botting for atleast 18 hours a day minimum divided on 3 proxies.
    Everything went flawless with the exception of a few minor bugs in a couple of scripts.
    But the result??

    - ZERO BANS every single one of them is still up and running

    - 2 99's
    - 209M in cash

    not bad for a returning player with the botting experience of 11 years ago haha



    Dreambot i love you  :wub:


    Update 13-03-17

    Experimental and very solid week/weekend of botting for me.

    i ran 4 f2p claybotters which aquired 2 bonds within a 24hr timeframe i think. they got banned

    yes my 1st ban ever since month and a half on dreambot

    shortly after i muled the money for bonds.


    Spent 2 bonds on fresh lvl 3 accounts let them ran a shopping script since then for +/- 72hrs straight.

    However my fresh accounts required a 2 hour setup for a specific location with not much competition at all :)


    In the end with some gathering and skill bots i managed to acquire around 68M in profit this weekend.

    And only my shopping bots which ran suiciding 72hrs straight got banned but they both made impressive profits.

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    What scripts are you running if you don't mind I ask? and are you switching each bots tasks every once in awhile? like wc to fishing to hunter or something? thanks.

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    Very nice haha, those 6 hours you didn't ban within Jagex working hours? ;)


    haha no i made the breaks that it would randomize around 6 hours in total over a 24 hour period. :) 

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