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    I'll start this off by discussing the cliché around high ban rates in location, hours and days when bans are the most high. 

    Example: "You're most likely to be banned on Monday at 3PM vs Sunday at 9AM" (These times are made up)

    -This is entirely untrue. 

    I've botted thousands of hours and can say that you are just as likely to be banned on Monday as you are on Sunday, at the Range Guild or Motherlode Mine.




    Why people get banned and ways to prevent it..


    hd5IMYu.png?1?5505TPtltXA.png?1?7928   n7PAkwr.png?1?4579




    • Names
    • Clothes
    • Routine
    • Lack of acknowledgement
    • Flagged IP's


    Names: When people bot they often create names that are highly suspicious. Names such as "eio2oo7, fdh3j4ks, RandoSnail37" - although these names are easier to create because they require no creativity, they're often reported immediately. When you create a name, even if you don't plan on playing it legitimately, go to a forum and copy someones username so it looks real. 


    Clothes: When you create an account, throw random clothes/colors on so that its not a default look.


    These last three points are extremely important..


    Routine: Level 60 is roughly 270k xp. Depending on the skill you're doing, it takes about 4-5 hours to get ~250k xp. I generally recommend only getting 400k a day until you've played an account for at least a month. A lot of bans are determined around the routine of your character; if you bot at the Range Guild for three days in a row, you have a higher chance. Bot 4-5 hours a day on one skill and switch it up - do quests, sell/buy items, stand with friends, etc. 


    Lack of acknowledgement: This is probably one of the most important points I'll explain and one of the main reasons I don't get banned. When I bot, I try to babysit as much as possible. Lots of people are reported/banned because of a conversation someone had with your bot while you were away and you didn't reply once. When I bot I often start conversations with people or friends. Some people might ask "how do you have conversations with friends while you're botting? Won't you have to stop the bot every time you want to reply to a PM?" No - find someone you enjoy talking with and once they reply, all you have to do to prompt the chat is hit tab. 


    Flagged IP's: This point cracks me up... People often complain about being banned on multiple accounts after previous account bans. If you're banned on two or more accounts and keep getting banned, chances are you have a flagged ip. There are a few different ways to prevent this from happening. 

    • Change your actual IP address
    • Purchase premium proxies
    • Purchase a VPS - VPN

    Changing your IP..


    There are a few different ways of doing this. 

    -Unplug your modem for 10 seconds and plug it back in..

    -Changing your MAC address to push a new change (this often changes the last two numbers only)..

    -Calling your ISP and forcing a change..


    Sometimes it is just easier calling your ISP and demanding a change. Comcast generally does this. 

    Call your ISP and say Geek Squad came to your house because you kept having security issues and they told you that your IP has been compromised. They told you to fix the issue you needed to call them (your provider) and request a new one.


    Changing your IP can become a pain in the ass. Sometimes you can change it by cloning the MAC address and other times you need to force change the last two numbers. 


    If you're unsure how to open your network panel, google the type of router you have or simple copy and paste your IP into the URL. Most of the time the Admin password and username is - Admin and Password. 


    Once you're into your Network Panel, go to > Network and find the Mac Panel. 


    Picture credited to pcmag


    "WAN MAC Address" shows you the current MAC address of the WAN..

    "Your PC's MAC Address" displays the MAC address of the PC that is the primary manager for your router. 

    -Click "Clone MAC Address" and then "Save"

    -Reset your router and google IP Chicken to see if it has changed.


    If it has not changed, follow the same steps getting into the Network Panel except for cloning you're going to copy your "WAN MAC Address" (incase this step doesn't work and disconnects you) paste it back in and change the last two numbers. 


    9/10 times this will work, if not, you can contact me for further help. 




    I just want to break away for a second to say; if you bot 5 accounts on the same pc and the same ip - don't complain when you get banned within a day, maybe two. 




    Why people get banned and ways to prevent it.. (Cont.)


    People make new accounts and immediately bot on them, they get banned within a week and that person is asking "Why was I banned so fast, how could they have known?" Simple, when you make a brand new account that has a total time of 48 hours, 44 of which are continuous play time and over a mill of xp gained, anyone can spot that as out of the ordinary. 




    Buy accounts, don't make them. There are plenty of RS blackmarket websites that have "name sales" somewhere in their market. If you buy accounts that are a month or more old you're less likely to get banned than an account you just created. 




    Why people get banned and ways to prevent it.. (Recap)


    I'm sure people won't read the entire guide so I'll just go over the main points you should have got from the guide.


    The main reasons because get banned are because of the clothes they have on (default clothes), the names they've given their character (keyboard bashing, name suggestions), your botting routine, the lack of acknowledgement you give surrounding players, and flagged ip's.


    Points to remember..


    • Go to a forum and copy people's usernames, use them as your botting accounts so that you don't look like you made an account just to bot. The names don't have to be from forums, they can be gamertag's, life words, sports teams, etc. 


    • Don't use the default clothes RS gives you, change them even if its one to the right, one to the left. People often report those that look like bots even if they're not botting at the time. 


    • Try not to bot more than a day at a time on one skill. If you have an obscene amount of XP gained in one skill, Jagex will assume you're botting. They use the logic "no one has the patience to do this two days in a row." If you bot at the Range Guild for a day, go stand in varrock with friends for an hour or two just to switch it up, to show the mods that you're doing other activities. You can also quest, train other skills, buy and sell items. 


    • Babysit as much as possible. Most of the time people get banned is because they encounter someone who has a conversation with them and they never once acknowledge them, ultimately resulting in that person to report them leading to their ban. Start conversations with your friends in PM, join a clan chat, talk with people surrounding you. Try to do so at least once every hour for 10-20 minutes.


    • Flagged IP's - change your IP (see above) - buy premium proxies, VPS and VPN's.




    Overall, people get banned because they are either careless (botting for insane hours) and they don't babysit. If you monitor the amount of hours you bot a day and have the time to watch your bot, you'll be golden. Watch a movie or a TV show while you bot, easiest way to put up with the boredom. 


    You can post this elsewhere, all that I ask is that you give me the proper credit.


    Thanks for reading.

     - Credits from "Katie".

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    I feel like I read this somewhere.


    It's from another bot site I believe. Read the latter part of his post :P


    Anyways, good post superman! I believe this guide should be in every botting website.

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    • 1 month later...

    Good guide, I think my IP is flagged but my IP just wont change and my provider wont change it for me.

    Mine is flagged i had to bay 50$ to comcast to get it changed, if you get somone to ddos you they will change it for free hence the denial of service attack on your ip.

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    • 4 weeks later...

    very informative, i will be using this guide and be doing very low amounts of botting (only during movies/a couple episodes of tv) hope this goes good ! thanks

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