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  • Electronic Music Thread [v2]


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    I know we had one of these before, but I believe it was kind of focused towards certain sub-genres within electronic music. I feel like a lot of people on the site listen electronic music, and feel like this thread could be helpful to someone looking for new music.


    Post anything you consider to be electronic music, doesn't matter what sub-genre within electronic. It will be monitored, so please keep the thread on topic.

    Some to start if off:


    NOX - Luvul (Experimental Trap)


    STARX, VVL - Hard Psy (Psy-Hardstyle)


    Vertigo & Meis - Acid Attack (Aura Vortex Remix) (Psychedelic/Progressive Trance)

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    Oh hell yea. Boyz Noize is great! I was able to catch the last part of his set a few years back!


    Awesome mix:





    Good song:



    Edit: Dear god that NOX track is tight. 


    The vocals reminds me of song, was one of my favorite songs a couple years ago:




    dank af bruh

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    Edit: Dear god that NOX track is tight. 

    It's not bad. There's plenty of producers around today that produce similar sound. It reminded me of a yt channel I follow that posts songs of the same genre (Chill trap/ambient trap/vapor trap/cloud trap/future bass/lo-fi hip hop boom bap/synth wave/neo-soul/ambient/electronic/etc.)

    https://www.youtube.com/user/thejumpingtroll/ Love his taste


    Oh hell yea. Boyz Noize is great! I was able to catch the last part of his set a few years back!



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    Chillstep =



    Haha sort of like the producer I'm listening to right now:



    I'm more of a trance and prog guy



    Dude Trance Family for lyfe! Super8 & Tab were one of the first Trance artist I was able to see live. Then Shane and Myon 54 played right after Super8 & Tab; and just read a few days Shane and Myon are splitting apart...

    Some new songs:


    Neelix - Makeup (Sunday Edit) (Trance)


    Illenium - Without You (Ft. SKYLR) (Ryan Exley Remix) (Melodic Dubstep)


    Gent & Jawns - Collecta (Trap)


    Sesto Sento vs. G.M.S - Blast A Rasta (Psy-Trance)

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    I just saw Neelix for the first time live last October. Never was into that proggy bassdriven (psy)trance, but I was instantly converted. One of the most memorable gigs I've ever been to.


    I speculate that Myon (Mario) and Shane54 are splitting because Myon was always the more technically skilled one of them producing wise. They hadn't released anything new for like a year and I was just thinking something had to be up.

    Pretty sure we'll still be getting good music from them in the future under other aliases though.

    Edited by scyther
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