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  • Welcome to Dreambot


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    Hi there welcome to our project.
    Dreambot has been a project of ours for some time now and we are very happy to announce it will soon be ready for public release.
    What is Dreambot:
    Dreambot is a new pure reflection client designed with anti-ban as highest priority. It uses very advanced techniques to make itself as human like as possible and profiled specifically to you. This allows us to have an anti-ban system that is unique between every two accounts.
    Our development team started with a group of scripters who just enjoy programming and challenging tasks. Eventually our scripting platforms started to lack the desired API functions, which lead us to build our own system. Our API is designed entirely from a script writer's perspective using non static functions for additional security. You can also give us your input on what you would like to see in the API and we will do our best to deliver.
    When will the client be public?
    We plan on going into a private beta period soon where we will pick a handful of scripters and testers to both write and test scripts. During this period we'll be stress testing different functions and aspects of the client in order to be 100% sure that our client is ready for public release. We have no ETA's for you at this time.

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