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    Hi there. I'm Torpex. I'm from the UK. I used to develop my own private scripts a few years ago, and at one point had my own private client, but decided to stop since I wanted to prioritise my studies. I have interests in programming, particularly networking and web development. I am a strong believer in sharing knowledge and communicating with others to learn as well as teach. In my opinion, a lack of interaction with others to learn from them is usually an indication of arrogance. There is always more to learn, and you'd be surprised what you may learn if you simply take the time to listen to other people's opinions.


    Although I have a passion for programming, my one true love is physics and I am currently applying to university to study physics.


    I have recently decided to get back into RS botting. Having looked at several different botting communities, I felt that dreambot looked the most promising in terms of potential, as well as dedication from staff and developers. Instead of focusing on my own private scripts, I intend to focus on contributing to the community and helping others with their programming difficulties in any way I can. I also just want to have fun developing some cool stuff. My first project will be a web walker. If you're interested about the project, feel free to message me and I'll be sure to explain/show you anything about the project.


    I'm sure I will have a delightful time here at dreambot, and look forward to getting to know the community.



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    Welcome to the community, I dont suppose you need a project of transforming a noob into a scripter :D if so pm me!


    Do you have any knowledge of java?

    (or any other programming language)?

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