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    Lel wut...you gave no info at all.



    You might want to specify what kind of script :ph34r:

    Contact me on Skype if you need further info - If not state prices of you averagely charge for scripts.

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    I don't think YOU get it... I work for $13/hr on the script.


    I did get it, and why would I pay $13/hour if I know I can get a better script for cheaper. I'm looking for an OVERALL price, which clearly you didn't understand.

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    I don't think you get it. I'm paying to a "script" not a hour of work.

    I charge by the hour for private scripts, except I charge 25-30/hr.

    If the script takes 10 hours, I'm going to charge 250-300 dollars.

    If it takes an hour, I'm going to charge 25-30 dollars.

    Once people tell me what the script is, I try to give a relative approximation of how much time I think it'll take to make.

    And that's the approximate price of the script.


    So when Computor says 13/hr, it means he's a cheap slut, and he'll give you an approximate total if you tell him what the script is and he can get an idea of how long it'll take.

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