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    Once upon a time there were two brother's that had a history of gaming, an interest in cheating & a little know how on how to program in various languages. Within 2 years they went from playing miniclip games to being the #1 bot client on the internet. This is a story about the Snellman brother's; the owners of Impulse Software aka nexus aka iBot aka rscheata. Been talking about this for a long while now and thought i would put down in a thread what i have about them because its an amazing story and bound to stir up both positive & negative replies. 


    So if you don't know already iBot was the #1 bot for rs between 2007-2010 before j@gex lodged a lawsuit against the two brothers that would last for years and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. J@gex demanded treble damages and a federal injunction against Impulse and Eric and Mark. The legal battle lasted two years and the bro's used every trick they could whilst hiring expensive help from top DMCA lawyers to fight for the, while at the same time continuing to operate the site/client & keep the users up to date right up until the courts final decision. The result was as follows in the below spoiler:



    Judgment is entered in Jagex’s favor and against Defendants on Count I of the First Amended Complaint – Copyright Infringement Under Federal Law.2.
    Judgment is entered in Jagex’s favor and against Defendants on Count II of the First Amended Complaint – Circumvention of Technological Measures Under theDigital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCAâ€).

    TLDR the brothers lost the lawsuit and had to give in to a long, arduous & game finishing set demands. They are as follows below:

    After transfer to Jagex of the document(s), writing(s), or recording(s)required in Paragraph 8, Defendants shall, within 10 days of entry of this Order:i.
    destroy all copies of such document(s), writing(s), or recording(s);ii.
     provide written certification to Jagex that Defendants have not retainedany copies of any such document(s), writing(s), or recording(s);iii.
     provide written certification to Jagex that Defendants have not providedany copies of such document(s), writing(s), or recording(s) to any other  party; andiv.
     provide written certification to Jagex that Defendants have not providedany copies of their source code to any third parties, other than the copy provided to Jagex’s attorneys during the course of this litigation.10.
    Within 10 days of the entry of this Order, Defendants shall deliver to Jagexan executed copy of the public apology as set forth in Exhibit A and shall post the executed public apology on each and every one of Defendants’ websites—in lieu of all contentcurrently thereon—including, but not limited to,http://www.rscheata.net,http://www.impsoft.net, andhttp://www.oembots.com. This Order shall not limit any rightsJagex has to distribute or further disseminate the public apology.11.
    Within 10 days of the entry of this Order, Defendants shall identify and provide all contact information in their possession to Jagex for all current or past resellers,script developers, code developers, and customers for any product marketed, licensed, or sold by Defendants dealing with any Jagex Game.
    Stipulated Permanent Injunction, Consent Judgment, andDismissal with PrejudicePage 5 of 9
    Within 10 days of the entry date of this Order, Defendants shall make a FirstPayment to Jagex to compensate it for its damages and attorneys’ fees. By no later thanDecember 31, 2012, Defendants shall make a Second Payment to Jagex in further compensation for its damages and attorneys’ fees. The amounts of the First Payment andthe Second Payment are set forth in Exhibit B to this Stipulated Permanent Injunction,Consent Judgment, and Dismissal with Prejudice which will be filed under seal if  permission is given by the Court in a concurrently filed Motion to Seal Exhibit.13.
    Defendants’ Second Payment to Jagex shall be secured by a lien onDefendants’ home located at 3012 Bellwind Circle, Rockledge, Florida 32955. The lienshall be for 200% of the amount of the Second Payment in order to cover any attorneys’ feesor costs incurred by Jagex in the event that it needs to execute on the lien due to non- payment by Defendants.14.
    Defendants shall bear their own fees and costs to prepare the securityinstrument and provide the proposed security instrument to Jagex for its approval within 10days of the date of this Order. Defendants shall bear their own fees and costs to record thesecurity instrument after approval by Jagex. After Defendants make the Second Payment toJagex, Defendants shall provide to Jagex a proposed satisfaction of lien, which Jagex willexecute and Defendants may then file to remove the lien from the home.15.
    Any failure by Defendants to comply with this Order will cause Jagex toincur substantial economic damages and losses of types and in amounts that are impossibleto compute and ascertain with certainty as a basis for recovery by Jagex of its actual

    TLDR from above. the bro's had to submit all data from the client and any paperwork they held from it to jagex and delete it from there hdd's afterwards and prove with paperwork that they had done so. They are banned from playing any jagex game & should they create, participate or help anyone make any sort of software to break jagex's terms and conditions they are subject to a 6 figure sum in penalty.
    You can find the court documents online with a fuller picture of what happened during the court case but basically they had to pay a very large sum of money to jagex in damages and court fee's. Until a short time ago i assumed that those figures were so high that they would have to surrender there assets in order to pay but it has come to light within the last few months that this wasnt the case as the address they are at as of time of this being written is the same address as labled in the court documents. It is now finished, landscaped and looks like something you would find at a hollywood address. Here is the before and after shots from whent he court ruled against them and now:


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    If you want to look at some real lawsuits just check out what Blizzard does to WoW bot makers.

    Another interesting case in this same area is Blizzard vs WowScape, the private server. I used to play on it and the owners were sued for 89 million by Blizzard. Sad times.

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