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    Hello Everyone,


    I'm fairly new to this whole scripting thing but from the looks of what I have experienced so far, I am enjoying it greatly.  I used to be a seasoned vet at powerbot, but that was some 2-3 years ago and since then I heard powerbot has a super duper high banning chance.  As for dreambot, I have heard that the ban rate is low, especially when VIP and using covert mode, but I have also purchased a registered VPN to assist with detection as well.  All in all, I am confident in the ban rates for dreambot and love the client altogether, great work!


    My question today, is, when will new scripts be added to the SDN.  As for now, I see that the scripts are relatively slim to none, and most of them are duplicate scripts that someone else has perfected and made to be a premium script in which you have to pay for.  I have purchased three scripts and noticed that all of them work more efficiently than the free ones, so that is relatively good in that sense.  Are the scripts in the SDN limited to only those though, or is that a recent switch and are more being added day by day.  I noticed that most of the combat related scripts, outside of yaks, are for killing low level stuff such as druids, al-kharid warriors, and chickens.  As a low level when I was using these, they worked great, but now that I am progressing in level I was looking to see if there would be more scripts for combat added such as experiments, a more interactive ghouls script, red spiders scripts.  Additionally, scripts such as high alching and such to progress mage, or maybe even a red chins farmer for range in the abyss.  I realize these might be private scripts once they are created that require purchase, but my general question today is are these in the works?


    Thanks everyone, and happy botting!

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    Pandemic's AIO Fighter can be set to train at any attack-able NPC in the game. It offers prayer, potion and food support. As for non-combat mage training, there is a script in the SDN that will enchant, teleport, superheat, and high alch to your heart's content. The difference between the SDN here and on other clients is that all scripts on Dreambot's SDN work. When an update is released that renders a script unusable the creators update the script in a timely manner while releasing quality work. Many other clients are filled with broken, even obvious macro-like scripts. Dreambot is not. But you were certainly right about the ban rates. Dreambot is the most human-like client on the internet. I don't trust any other client with the safety of my accounts.

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