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  • EveWoodcutting - WIP


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    Hey guys! This project is my first script for dream bot. I wanted to do something simple, with maybe a slight complex twist to help lay the foundation for future scripts I'll be doing. This script will work as long as the resources you wish to collect from, trees in this case, and a bank booth or booths are within your current scene. Your scene is your loaded game map area.


    This script will always remain open source. My future scripts utilizing this similar design will not. My gift to you guys :)




    - Analyzes the local scene for bank booths and resources that a player can collect from based upon their woodcutting level, creates an efficient route to the best accessible resource cluster and bank..

    - Checks both your equipment and inventory for valid tools which you can use, if none exist the script will navigate to the bank and attempt to find and withdraw the optimal tool to use.

    - Normally navigates between the resource cluster and bank to collect resources.


    Planned Features


    - Determining best cluster to collect from, if multiple clusters are present in a route, depending on the number of players in the cluster currently.

    - Utilizing better tools upon leveling up, collecting from higher level resources if configured.

    - Bird nests.




    - Cannot navigate around obstacles.

    - Cannot use deposit boxes, yet.


    Tested Areas


    Although the script has no limit to the areas it can use, beyond the conditions listed in my preamble and limitations, I have effectively tested:


    - Draynor

    - Seers




    Version 1.1 - https://gist.github.com/Hadyn/226f1806586e83867082


    - Please note that its likely that the code listed isn't optimized, cleaned, or commented efficiently.





    Edited by sini
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    Looks clean, but I'm wondering why this line:

    int delta = 1000 / FPS;
            return delta;

    FPS is never changes from 50 >.> so you're simply returning 20....why?



    Edit: just noticed the "Please note that its likely that the code listed isn't optimized, cleaned, or commented efficiently."

    Edited by Nezz
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    It's constant, could store the delta value as a constant itself but for readability I prefer storing the frames per second as a constant then converting the time to sleep to milliseconds. Personal preference. 


    Tested the seers area, works like a charm. There's a few issues with walking and line of sight, I will be implementing a way to assure if there is a line of sight between two points just to clear up a few issues. It'd be quite useful. I'm going to see what its longest run time is at different areas before I move into finishing a paint and a configuration GUI so I can publish it. Anti-ban features shouldn't be too difficult to add, I'm just going to study what I normally do when I'm bored and copy those behaviors.


    If people want some compatibility for areas that require the use of a bank deposit box I will add it.


    Same with functionality to efficiently equip better axes when the level is reached, and to collect from resources when you hit certain level milestones. Up to you guys.

    Edited by sini
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    Added a basic paint, nothing too fancy since I tend to try and keep things simple.




    All that is left is antiban, configuring and we're good to package this for release, after some polish of course.

    Edited by sini
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    So if it hits 1000 without freaking out and dying I will finish everything up for release. Added a small anticheat, randomly moves the mouse around. I don't know exactly what is considered good anticheat but considering the behavior of the script is already pretty random besides the path finding, which the most efficient path to and from a bank booth is decernable by the player anyway. I just feed the points to get there with some random variance when the next point is selected. I think zombie mode behavior is fine, obviously maybe some camera swinging. I'd like to do this properly by recording/replaying my camera movements but I don't think it's worth the effort right now, maybe in a future release.


    Fixed a lot of issues with interactions.

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