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    i wan tto swap my revs script for  the gaioguesser script if its possilble please

    1. Date Purchased:  5 days ago
    2. Script Purchased:  

      G Revenants [G Revs Lite-Med-Full] [Just Click Start] [Easy Setup] [500k-8M GP Per Hour] [QuickStart Supported] instance x2

    3. gscripts
    4. Script Creator (tag them with @):  @Nuclear Nezz
    5. Reason for Refund:  dont want to refund i want to swap the script for this  Guester by GScripts | 130+ Quests & Diaries | 130+ Ironman Quest & Diaries | Ironman AIO | In-Progress Support | Quest queuing | Quester insatnce x1
    6. Proof of Issues (required: screenshots, videos, and/or DreamBot logs):  no issues just want the other script instead
    7. Proof of Script Creator Contact (required: screenshots, videos, and/or links to replies):  no evidance needed as i enjoy the sripts
    8. Desired Outcome: Refund (back to payment method or store credit) / Issue Fixed / Script Swap Script Swap more then anything please
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    Hey, you have used the script for way beyond the 6 hour runtime limit we have for refunds. I'm afraid you're not eligible for a refund for this purchase.

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    The same refund terms apply to script swaps, upgrades and downgrades.

    Your runtime for the script is over 240 hours, so you're not eligible for a refund.

    Request denied.

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