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  • log in problems


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    since 5/10 min I cant log in anymore, its say ur IP is being blocked ( or soft blocked) when I use a diffrent laptop using runelite I still can login.

    i tried changing my vpn but it doesnt work


    7:38:03 PM: [INFO] Connecting to server...
    7:38:03 PM: [INFO] Successfully loaded web nodes (latest)!
    7:38:03 PM: [INFO] Starting new instance...
    7:38:05 PM: [INFO] You have successfully been logged in as nickmeijer!
    7:38:05 PM: [INFO] Your current rank(s):
    7:38:05 PM: [INFO] Deleting temporary folder: C:\Users\nickm\DBFolderCache\tmpDB795314fb
    7:38:06 PM: [INFO] Attempting to connect to OSRS...
    7:38:07 PM: [INFO] Connection successful!
    7:38:07 PM: [INFO] Attempting to start new applet...
    7:38:07 PM: [INFO] Preparing gamepack for start...
    7:38:15 PM: [INFO] Successfully started new applet!
    7:38:15 PM: [INFO] Successfully started new instance!
    7:38:18 PM: [INFO] DreamBot 3.24.4 has started successfully!
    7:38:18 PM: [INFO] Successfully loaded 232 worlds!
    7:38:19 PM: [INFO] Successfully set initial world to 325!
    7:38:20 PM: [INFO] Saving client settings...
    7:38:20 PM: [INFO] Client settings saved successfully!
    7:38:20 PM: [INFO] Successfully saved client settings!
    7:38:20 PM: [INFO] Successfully refreshed scripts!
    7:38:23 PM: [INFO] Saving client settings...
    7:38:23 PM: [INFO] Client settings saved succes...
    7:38:30 PM: [WARN] There was a problem authorizing your account 'n********@gmail.com'!
    7:38:30 PM: [ERROR] There was a problem authorizing


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    @abo amir, @Pandemic Im having the same issue, i am able to login and add accounts with the jagex launcher and launch osrs with runelite but unable to add accounts with dreambot (patched and linked with runelite)

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    agreed i deleted/redownloaded everything got jagex launcher working Db works on my other account but will not actually recognize that i have redownloaded runelite and lets me click patch but says that i need to download runelite or the other launcher.

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