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  • G TUTORIAL ISLAND [ADD-ON] [Easy Setup] [QuickStart Supported]

    Nuclear Nezz

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    Key Features









    Extremely customizable and Easy-To-Use

    Auto-creation of default settings file with GUI

    QUICK START capable with settings file names - able to edit all available settings

    Easy-to-use SAVE/LOAD buttons on GUI to set up individual settings


    Can easily be run through both QUICK START and NORMAL START button


    For custom settings, add -params yourfile.json to your quickstart file

    For default settings, add -params default to your quickstart file

    Example (Windows):

    java -Xmx1024M -jar %userprofile%\Dreambot\BotData\client.jar -world members -script GTutorial Island -accountUser [email protected] -accountPass password -params default



    Just click the START button and the GUI will pop up with the default settings. There's a drop-down to load any custom files you created.

    When you're ready just click START!

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    GTutorial Island has been updated and is now live on the SDN!

    It's currently at v15.9 and is available in the client!

    • Changes:
    • - Will now buy rods (GProcessing)
    • - Inactive quests that are done will now be sorted to the bottom of the list (Guester)
    • - Will now ignore drip if a current buy offer is active (Guester)
    • - Bumped up same value kill failsafe on Western Easy (Guester)
    • - Added food to lobster fight in ghosts ahoy if weak (Guester)
    • - GUI will now display a quest task as orange if you have the requirements and it's inactive. Red is inactive without requirements (Guester)
    • - Rewrote ecto-token gathering in ghost's ahoy (Guester)
    • Fixed Bugs:
    • - Will now ignore unowned drip (BlastFurnace)
    • - Fixed issue with fisher not getting fishing rod/feathers when moving from shrimp to trout (GFishing)
    • - Agil with bank for alch supplies when out of food at Pol/Rell (GAgility)
    • - Agil won't hop if the script is paused (GAgility)
    • - Fixed issue with Dinh's and style node (PVM)
    • - Potential fix to locking up during fight (Scurrius)
    • - Added a failsafe on tool check (Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting)
    • - Will no longer try to goldfarm in F2P (Guester)
    • - Added invy check failsafe on animal magnetism (Guester)
    • - Fixed gameobject check during seer trial on fremmy trials (Guester)
    • - Will no longer wear drip until it gets the whiteberries during hand in the sand (If you see it wearing drip in wildy let G0 know) (Guester)
    • - Added another dialogue check to in aid (Guester)
    • - Added another dialogue check to nature spirit (Guester)
    • - Added 16 qp requirement to below ice mountain (Guester)
    • - Added missing web node during obs quest for one of the chests (Guester)
    • - Will no longer grab teles from the bank when doing the peer task (Guester)
    • - Will attempt to get aggro undead ones stuck when entering cave during shilo (Guester)
    • - Rewrote library portion of depths of despair (Guester)
    • - Added missing dialogue from fremmy trials (Guester)
    • - Made sure we're not only clearing debris with a single bucket and teleing out on in aid of the myreque (Guester)
    • - Fixed not w8ing for cutscene after lighting furnace in aid of the myreque (Guester)
    • - Fixed issue with removing non-pendant of lucien in temple of ikov (Guester)
    • - Added an inventory full failsafe at rope bridge regicide (Guester)
    • - Fixed seemingly rare issue with not picking up rock cake, added a failsafe as well (Guester)
    • New:
    • QOL:

    Time since request was made: 3 hours, 5 minutes, 5 seconds

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    GTutorial Island has been updated and is now live on the SDN!

    It's currently at v16.01 and is available in the client!

    • Changes:
    • Fixed Bugs:
    • New:
    • QOL:

    Time since request was made: 2 hours, 51 minutes, 13 seconds

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    GTutorial Island has been updated and is now live on the SDN!

    It's currently at v16.1 and is available in the client!

    • Changes:
    • - GAgility will now check if you have shantay passes during initializing and buy them if you don't (GAgility)
    • - Tweaked fill coal bag for mouse users (Blast Furnace)
    • - Removed ammo manual configuration (Muspah)
    • - Removed weapon, cape, and shield manual configuration (Mage Arena)
    • - Added random level offsets to skilling (GProcessing, GGathering, Scurrius, SandCrabs)
    • - Added some more sleeping around resetting (GSandCrabs)
    • Fixed Bugs:
    • - Fixed widget listener issue when using bond (All)
    • - Fixed issues with buying various items with mouse (All)
    • - Added new loots to wildy multi bosses (GWildy)
    • - Fixed issue with spell runes not being brought if you had kiting disabled (GArtio / GCallisto)
    • - Fixed issues with ban table not rendering bans (GManager)
    • - If augury is unlocked during runtime it won't wait until next script run to use it (Zulrah)
    • - Added another failsafe on hopping when crashed (Wildy Singles amp Multi)
    • - If Delrith is missing will now leave and re-enter the instance (Guester Demon Slayer)
    • - Expanded Melina talk radius (Guester Making History)
    • - If being griefed by the jogres it will now attempt to lure them away (Guester Jungle Potion)
    • - If being griefed by the hobbies when starting the quest it will kill it (Guester Making History)
    • - Added a failsafe on visit land's end start (Guester Kourend Easy)
    • - Added another failsafe on entering PP (Guester Desert Easy)
    • - Fixed issue with adding to crucible (Guester Sleeping Giants)
    • - Will re-buy shantay passes if you're missing them (Guester The Feud)
    • - Added 40 smithing as ironman requirement (Guester Fremennik Trials)
    • - Disabled drip (Guester Temple of Ikov)
    • - Bumped up player value failsafe (Guester My Arm's Big Adv)
    • - Will skip level up dialogue (Guester Fight Arena)
    • - Added creature of fenkenstein to runtime (Guester)
    • - Added another stop failsafe (Guester)
    • New:
    • QOL:

    Time since request was made: 2 hours, 39 minutes, 15 seconds

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