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  • 🦃🐥🦆MaxChompyHunter | Hunt Chompies | Get cool hats | Get easy pet! [ANTIBAN] 🦃🐥🦆


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    Hunts Chompy birds. This is needed for Western Provinces diaries of all tiers, has a high drop rate pet, and unlocks cool hats!


    Multiple location support

    Ranging potion, Devine ranging potion, Ranging mix support

    Plucking Chompy support. This is great for pet hunting as it gives an additional roll for the pet

    World hopping support if area is occupied or crashed

    Smart detection of Chompies that are not ours

    Adjustable antiban 


    Script uses human like delays and AFKing

    Script utilizes unique account data to randomize patterns


    Completion of Big Chompy Bird Hunting

    Have Ogre bow or Comp Ogre bow equipped

    Have Ogre arrows or Brutal arrows equipped

    Have Ogre Bellows in inventory

    Have ranging potions in inventory if using them 

    Minimum 3 empty inventory slots 

    Recommended Set-up:

    Ogre comp bow

    Adamant+ brutal arrows

    Ava's accumulator

    Full range void

    GUI Set-up

    Location to hunt: Either West castle wars near coast, or south castle wars near fairy ring

    Anti-ban chance: 250-1000. Higher value means less chance of it occuring

    Enable ranging potion: Y or N. If yes, have them in inventory

    Pluck chompies - Y or N. Gives extra roll for pet but slows kills p/h




    Edited by MaximusPrimo
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    14 hours ago, Cheesebox13 said:

    Script continuously says "Please start script using GUI" but there's no pop-up, and it doesn't spawn. Not sure what happened there?


    4 hours ago, B0atyy said:

    Same issue as Cheesebox. Please start script using GUI but no pop up

    @Cheesebox13 @B0atyy - Thanks for the report. Has been hot fixed and waiting for recompile now. I will authorize new trials for you both once recompiled

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    MaxChompyHunter has been updated and is now live on the SDN!

    It's currently at v1.01 and is available in the client!

    • Fixed GUI issue

    Time since request was made: 15 hours, 17 seconds

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    Maximus, can you please reauthorize my trial? I was experiencing GUI issue earlier. Now its showing I used my trial already and won't let me use trial again. 

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    When script is running on south castle wars it sometimes gets stuck on the swamp bubbles on the furthest south west spot as they are unreachable.

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    • MaximusPrimo changed the title to 🦃🐥🦆MaxChompyHunter | Hunt Chompies | Get cool hats | Get easy pet! [ANTIBAN] 🦃🐥🦆

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