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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are you not able to open the client? Try following our getting started guide
  • Still not working? Try downloading and running JarFix
  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
  • How to purchase with PayPal/OSRS/Crypto gold? You can purchase vouchers from other users
  • Sub Mining [ALL ores] [Motherlode] [Blast Mine] [Gem Mine] [Sulphur Mine] [Task System] [Ore Prediction] [Highly Customizable]


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    • ALL ores in ALL locations!
      • Copper, Tin, Clay, Blurite, Iron, Silver, Coal, Gold, Mithril, Lovakite, Adamantite, Runite, and Amethyst
      • Select any available location from a list 
      • Sort all locations by bank distance, cluster size, enemy levels, and more! 
    • Motherlode Mine
      • Supports lower level and upper level
      • Randomizes region and pathing
      • Plans deposit amounts to maximize ores per run!
    • Blast Mining
      • Dynamic action sequences - adapts like a human instead of using a fixed rotation!
      • Automatically retrieves ore before leaving
    • Gem Mining
      • Mines gemstones for up to 500k GP/h
    • Sulphur Mining
      • Mines volcanic sulphur for Lovakengj favour
    • Task System
      • Queue any amount of tasks and the script will execute them
      • Duration tasks, Level tasks, Unlimited tasks
      • Option to randomize or loop tasks
    • Ore Prediction & Anticipation
      • Option to anticipate upcoming ore spawns by hovering
      • Option to align with an empty rock before the ore spawns to beat other bots!
    • Strategy Customization
      • Cluster Mining
      • Free Mining
      • World Hopping
    • Behavior Customization
      • Custom Reaction speed
      • Custom Dropping speed
      • Custom Anticipation intensity
    • Custom Equipment
      • Set up your own custom equipment progressions
      • Automatically upgrades equipment when possible based on your settings
      • Choose from ALL equipment in the game, including fashionscape!
      • Option to automatically purchase missing equipment
    • Special Attacks
      • Uses pickaxe special attacks at humanlike intervals!
    • Automatic Selling/Buying (optional)
      • Automatically sell ores for profit
      • Automatically buy supplies (for example dynamite for Blast Mine)
      • Customizable GE pricing & behavior
      • Customizable selling list
    • Profiles
      • Save your settings, equipment, and task lists as a profile
      • Quickly launch a profile using quick start


    1. Log into your account (or let the script log you in)

    2. Start the script near the GE, with a ring of wealth, or at your first mining location and use the graphical interface to set up the script:


    3. Press 'Run' in the bottom right.


    Mining Settings



    Buying & Selling Customization


    On the Buying/Selling page, you can customize the buying and selling process, the pricing, as well as set up automed selling of loot.

    The Sell Items list determines which items will be sold, and how many of that item will always be kept in the bank. To add an item, enter it's exact name in the item name field, and the amount to keep next to it (optional). Then press the add button.

    The Buy/Sell Pricing panel on the left determines the price that the script will enter to buy and sell items on the GE.

    In the same panel, the Enter Price Mode setting determines how the price will be entered:
            Buttons: The script will use the +5% and -5% buttons to set the price as close as possible to your target.
            Typing: The script will type the price, flattened to within 1% of your target.
            Adaptive: The script will use buttons when it would take few button presses to set the price, and otherwise types the price.
            Random: The script will choose a random option each time it is buying/selling an item.


    Gear Customization


    The gear customization interface allows you to choose a custom gear set for combat or mining. The combat set will be used when a mining location has aggressive enemies

    By dragging & dropping a list of gear items, you can specify their priority. The script will use this list to choose its gear and automatically upgrade based on the order of the items you added.

    ALL equipment in the game is supported, including fashionscape and degradable items like Blowpipe and Barrows. Blend in with real players by creating unique sets of equipment that no other botters are using.

    If you choose a degradable item like the Blowpipe or Barrows equipment, the script will automatically notice when it degrades, and repair/recharge it!



    Human Mouse

    All Sub™ scripts implement a unique, privately developed human mouse movement algorithm based on modified Bernstein polynomials. Mouse movement is calibrated using real human data to be fluid, natural, and efficient.

    Human Interactions

    Instead of using DreamBot's default methods of interaction, all Sub™ scripts implement a privately developed set of custom client interactions that distinguish it from all other public scripts. The goal is to make the signature of the script as unique as that of a private client.

    Behavioral Randomization

    With advanced reaction time distributions, data driven behavioral patterns, Gaussian walking, and banking/GE randomization, each script execution becomes unique.



    Quick Start / CLI Instructions

    Quick start will launch your last used configuration without opening the GUI. To launch with quick start add the following as the last command line parameter:  -params "default"

    For a full guide on setting up and using Quick Start / CLI, see here.



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    Is there a way you could incorporate long term world hopping when it comes to mining rune ore? I tried the trial and after about an hour it stops world hopping. If you could fix this, I will definitely purchase.

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    Bro wtf? your bot keeps running me to GE bank before I even RUN the script. I'm in motherload and its trying to run me out before I can even start?!>!>!!>!>?!?!?! I didn't pay 30+ AUS for some broken shit.

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    On 3/1/2023 at 1:05 PM, forvaux said:

    Bro wtf? your bot keeps running me to GE bank before I even RUN the script. I'm in motherload and its trying to run me out before I can even start?!>!>!!>!>?!?!?! I didn't pay 30+ AUS for some broken shit.

    checks what equipment and quests you've done to see how to get their fast and how to efficiently train mining... LMAO 
    Making us Aussies look stupid.. nioce xD

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    On 3/3/2023 at 5:34 PM, King Ongel said:

    checks what equipment and quests you've done to see how to get their fast and how to efficiently train mining... LMAO 
    Making us Aussies look stupid.. nioce xD


    bro man dude... i walk to motherload with everything I need. it takes me back to grand exchange while im setting up the bot, before i click "run script"...… your stupid.

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