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  • Gains AIO Money [12 Money making methods + All future ones]


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    12 Money making methods - Over $60 worth of scripts in one




    • Makes money with a task system.
    • When X amount of items have been processed or the desired level has been reached, the bot will start the next task.
    • For more information about a certain money making method, click its icon to view its individual thread.



    Yellow_partyhat.png?faa5d Beggar | Begs for items anywhere in the world - No requirements - Free-to-play_icon.png?628ce&201408120626Member_icon.png?1de0c

    Ultracompost.png?b3430 Compost Maker | Makes Ultracompost and Supercompost - No requirements - Member_icon.png?1de0c

    Oranges(5).png?31c6a Basket Filler | Fills Baskets with any fruit - No requirements - Member_icon.png?1de0c

    Unicorn_horn_dust.png?4a467 Item Grinder | Makes dust by grinding various items - No requirements - Member_icon.png?1de0c

    Climbing_boots.png?4d516 Climbing Boots | Buys Climbings boots for 12 gp each at Burthorpe - Low requirements - Member_icon.png?1de0c

    Mahogany_plank.png?ed6d0 Planker | Converts logs into planks at Varrock - No requirements - Member_icon.png?1de0c

    Green_dragon_leather.png?e75c0 Tanner | Converts hides into leathers at Al Kharid - No requirements - Free-to-play_icon.png?628ce&201408120626Member_icon.png?1de0c

    Cannonball.png?3c432 Cannonballer | Trains Smithing by melting Cannonballs - Low requirements - Member_icon.png?1de0c

    Jug_of_water.png?be618 Container Filler | Fills any container with water - No requirements - Free-to-play_icon.png?628ce&201408120626Member_icon.png?1de0c

    Plank.png?f976b Plank Picker | Collects Planks - No requirements - Member_icon.png?1de0c

    Monk's_robe_top.png?7027d Monk Robes | Collects Monk's robes at Edgeville Monastery - Low requirements - Free-to-play_icon.png?628ce&201408120626Member_icon.png?1de0c

    Bowl_of_hot_water.png?3d026 Hot Water | Makes Cup of hot water, Bowl of hot water and Bowl of water - No requirements - Free-to-play_icon.png?628ce&201408120626Member_icon.png?1de0c










    • QuickStart coming soon


    Click here to leave a review for the monthly version of the script

    Click here to leave a review for the lifetime version of the script

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    • Gains changed the title to Gains AIO Money [10 Money making methods + All future ones] - [No requirements / Low requirements]
    2 hours ago, TheEscaper99 said:

    Hey I just bought this script when I press run nothing happens.

    I fixed the issue. The next version will be available pretty soon.

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    Gains AIO Money has been updated and is now live on the SDN!

    It's currently at v1.0 and is available in the client!

    • Fixed the issue where nothing happened when the script was started
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