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    Hello fellow DreamBotters, Sinan and I have taken up a project to complete a number of quests using custom methods and shared frameworks to streamline the quest-scripting process, and we are looking for other members of the community who would like to contribute to the project. Right now we have almost 20 working quests, with room for expansion in areas of more complex questing methods. The github link: https://github.com/NotSinan/DreamBotQuester


    DreamBotQuester is a Java library that allows you to automate quests in RuneScape using the DreamBot API. It offers a range of tools for interacting with the API and executing various tasks in the game. Whether you're looking to save time on tedious quests or optimize your progress, DreamBotQuester has something to offer.



    • Support for over 20 quests: DreamBotQuester provides automation for a wide variety of quests in RuneScape, allowing you to complete them quickly and easily.
    • Checks for skill and quest requirements: The script is designed to check for the necessary skill and quest requirements before attempting a quest, ensuring that you have the necessary resources and progress to complete it successfully.
    • Support for ironman mode: DreamBotQuester is designed to work with ironman mode, allowing you to automate tasks and quests while still playing in a more challenging and immersive way.
    • The script is regularly updated to ensure compatibility with new quests and features in RuneScape.
    • DreamBotQuester is designed to be safe and reliable, with built-in safeguards to prevent errors and protect your account.



    To install and use DreamBotQuester, you will need to have the following tools installed on your machine:

    Once you have these tools installed, you can use the following steps to build and package DreamBotQuester:

    1. Navigate to the root directory of the DreamBotQuester project in a terminal window.
    2. Run the mvn package command. code(mvn package)
    3. This will create a jar file in the DreamBot/scripts directory.


    Running the script

    To run the script, you will need to have the DreamBot client installed on your machine.

    1. Open the DreamBot client.
    2. Select the script in the Script Manager and click the "Start" button to begin running it.



    If you want to contribute to the development of DreamBotQuester, please see the CONTRIBUTING.md file for information on how to get involved.



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